Most Popular Christmas Promotion Ideas in 2022

Christmas is a time for giving, joy, and sophisticated advertising tactics. But how can you differentiate your Christmas promotions? We outline the best 6 Christmas promotion ideas in this article to help you increase leads, sales, and brand engagement. Read on!

You can never have too many ideas for Christmas promotions! Every year, when consumers are preoccupied with holiday shopping, marketers search for original and compelling Christmas-related promotions. Here are our top suggestions for Christmas promotions, ones that people consistently like and take part in. Use these 6 strategies to increase lead generation, produce record sales, and increase engagement for your holiday promotions.

Digital marketing and social media have seen a lot of change in the previous few years. Many organizations made the decision to modify their marketing tactics in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving trends and retain a strong digital and online presence.

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1. Launch branded mini-games to maximize brand engagement right in time for Christmas

Apart from getting your business into the Christmas spirit, branded mini-games are the most original approach to boosting brand engagement and brand recognition. They may be useful in a number of ways. Everyone enjoys seeing holiday photos and photographs of Christmas decorations, so satisfy their expectations and provide your audience with some interactive entertainment—ideally, one that includes a chance to win prizes. Because Christmas is ultimately all about giving presents!

Puzzle and Memory games

Memory and puzzle games are excellent engagement builders. Many people are drawn to them because of their interactivity since they foster competition and challenge, particularly when incentives are involved. As consumers engage with the promotion numerous times to get the greatest score possible, this dynamic also leads to repeat participation. Gamification is one of our favorite Christmas marketing ideas because of this. Create a mini-game with your company’s branding to increase brand recognition and raffle prizes among all registered users. Is it your intention to draw in as many people as you can? Give discount vouchers to all users who sign up; this will increase lead generation while also potentially increasing revenue.

Don’t overlook the importance of following up on fresh leads. To convert your fresh sales leads into paying clients, send them tailored email reminders! Since the participant must provide their contact information in order to obtain the coupon, this is how you generate new leads for your next promotions.


Marketing based on nostalgia is effective, particularly during the holidays when everyone is feeling nostalgic and emotional. Launching a Christmas Minesweeper allows you to target your audience by appealing to their fond recollections of their youth.

Slide & Match

If your nostalgia doesn’t go all the way back to the 1990s, you could like the brand-new Slide & Match game. Your fans will keep coming back for more with the help of this brand-new Easypromos game. The person with the greatest score may get a reward. A game that is really enjoyable and has the potential to win anything is the perfect combination!

Utilize incentives, no matter how little, to draw in more participants and, therefore, more sales leads.

2. Spin the Wheel: Boost Christmas sales with a branded prize wheel

This one is for you if you want to increase your Christmas sales dramatically, and the word “interactive” sums it up well!

During the holiday season, we all want to see our leads turn into paying clients, but sometimes it seems more difficult to do than it really is. How then can you convert site visits into fresh leads and then from leads into paying customers? Which Christmas advertising ideas should you adopt? Here is the solution!

Christmas shopping takes place in November and December, and your clients spend a lot of money attempting to please their loved ones. By providing consumers with discounts and discount vouchers for your physical or online shop, you may increase their loyalty. Don’t simply hand them out, however. To distribute them and make sure that your new prospective consumers will remember you for a long time, start an interactive Christmas campaign! Make the Wheel Spin for them!

Use Christmas prize wheels to provide prizes, hampers, and exclusive goods to your clients! You’ll strengthen client loyalty and trust while also raising brand exposure. To test the user experience, try our Christmas Spin the Wheel DEMO.

3. PhotoFun: the creative photo contest is a great Christmas marketing idea

The popularity of sharing Christmas trees, decorations, and recipes makes participation in Christmas picture competitions quite popular. Imagine the amount of participation you could receive from a photo contest where participants could add colorful stickers and frames to their photos! And now consider how much you could do if the frames and stickers were branded.

Anyone wishing to increase their brand’s social media awareness will find this to be a fantastic Christmas marketing idea. Invite visitors to participate in a sponsored picture competition by decorating Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, or even Christmas dinner settings… The limitations of creativity are arbitrary! The following samples invited people to create their own holiday cards!

With picture proportions appropriate for Instagram, Facebook, and Stories, the software works on both mobile and desktop. We have a library stocked with holiday frames and stickers, and you may even design your own unique designs. Your followers may email or download their images from the app to share them with their friends and family. Make it your own by adding your logo for the ideal Christmas brand awareness campaign!

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