How was Kylian Mbappé’s debut season at “Monaco”?

Kylian Mbappé is one of the best players of his generation. It is senseless to list his awards, because he won a lot of titles with “PSG”. However, he began his way in “Monaco”. By the way, the entire football tomorrow will be available in digital format on the site of sports statistics. Here it is easy to follow the success of the Monegasques. 

For the first time Kylian began to be let into the main team in the 2015/2016 season. At that time, he was only 17 years old. However, with each match the striker proved that he is worthy of attention. Overall, Mbappé’s statistics in his first season at “Monaco” do not look impressive. He spent 14 matches where he scored only a goal, but it was only the first steps of the future star. The forward was getting used to adult soccer and had a phenomenal season a year later. In it, Mbappé scored 26 goals in all competitions, led his team to victory in Ligue 1 and reaching the semifinals of the Champions League.

You can watch how the Monégasque team will develop tomorrow on the football field on the sports statistics website. As for Kylian’s career, he moved to “PSG” in the summer of 2017 on the back of impressive successes, where he continued his career. 

Even though his debut season in adult soccer was not so bright for him, Mbappé showed everyone his potential and desire to progress further. That’s why he was always valued by his coaches.

What strong qualities of the player were already visible at the time?

Mbappé has always stood out against his peers. Therefore, at such a young age he began to be included in the main team games. By the way, it is easy to find out the  football today scores of matches involving “Monaco” on the sports statistics website. 

As for the debut season of Mbappé in this team, even then he was able to demonstrate his main strong qualities. For example:

    1. Excellent speed. Thanks to his jerk, the forward could easily get away from almost any defender. This allowed him to enter the operational space and make an aiming shot.
    2. Technique. Dribbling is another skill thanks to which Kilian could easily get away from the guard and continue the attack. He will improve his technique in the future.
    3. Assertiveness and tenacity. A young forward was ready to run all over the field. His energy was enough to engage in a struggle for the ball at any time. All coaches valued him for his endurance. 

In this way, even at a young age, Mbappé established himself as an incredibly talented footballer. Even though his first season at “Monaco” was not so productive, but it showed the potential of the player.

And if you are interested in this team even today, you can watch his football scores on a proven platform. Yes, Mbappé has not played here for a long time, but even without him, the Monegasques periodically show excellent seasons, fighting for trophies. 

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