As a salon business owner, you are occupied with tons of activities: Paying bills, attending to clients, handling appointments, paying staff, ensuring equipment is still functional, and the list goes on. On top of that, you’d want your business to do better. You’d want to see clients return after their first visit, you’d want new clients, and you’d want consistent ones to keep coming.

What can you do that you have not already done to improve your salon business? You may have explored many options and not seen desired changes. Do not fret; no matter the salon business you operate, your search won’t go past this article. Here are strategies that would improve your beauty salon business.

Strategy 1: Build A Great Online Presence

You can get access to practically everything online. You can reach your favourite restaurant, pizza delivery, a degree, medical consultation, and so much more. Having online access makes it faster to reach a larger audience without boundaries. For your business, an online presence needs to exist yesterday.

Google my business is a great place to start before delving into social media. With google my business, you set up an account that allows your business to get visible on Google Maps if someone is looking for a business around the area. Your clients can also leave public reviews that would be available if someone runs a google search on your business.

If you have Google my business set up, you should consider social media profiles for your salon. Social media is cheaper to set up compared to websites. This makes it a great option for you to grow your online presence. If you already have a personal account, you should not use it for your business. You should create a new one dedicated to your business.

You might be wondering which of the many social media platforms is best for your business. A good place to start is Instagram. You are in the business of making people look and feel good. The best social media option for you is the one where you can share photos, showing what you do best, which is making people feel good.

Strategy 2: Stay Updated Online

You might already have an online presence and are wondering why you are not getting any results. Do you remember the last time you had a post on Instagram or Facebook? If you have to think too deeply, you are not doing it right. Having an online presence is great; having an active online presence is even better.

Your social media should be your billboard and noticeboard. Notify clients via your socials that you would be closing for the year or offering a new discount. Upload photos of your work, tell your clients to tag you in their posts. The world has to know how awesome your services are. Before and after photos? Random photos of yourself and your team in the salon? Yes, please. Your social media should not come off as boring and overly professional. It should be interesting, engaging and have that personalized touch. Don’t forget to interact with your followers. Like and reply to comments and the direct messages too.  Like Great Clips, a renowned salon franchise, increasing promotional efforts through discounts, sweepstakes, and more, should invite more customers to come. With Great Clips discount codes available online , customers find it easier to look for with a simple search from the web or any social media account.

Strategy 3: Use Beauty Management Software

People are staying glued to their phones for longer. This means if you want their attention, you have to be on their phones too. Are you going to build an app? How do you even do that? Not to worry, there is a way out.

Beauty management software is increasing and giving you a closer reach to your clients and potential clients. What can this app do?

Beauty management software allows your clients to book an appointment, change their schedule, and even make payments. This way, they do not have to sit for hours waiting for their turn. With the world battling a pandemic, many would not want to walk into a salon with many people inside. Salon software takes all those concerns away.

You can add all your team members and align their availability to determine the days clients can make appointments. The best part is; clients get an automated reminder message to confirm their appointment. That way, you don’t wait for a client and they never show up.

Since there are many salon software around, which one would work this way and give value for your money? Try the beauty salon software FRESHA. FRESHA is the world’s only subscription-free beauty platform. It allows you to upsell to your clients, manage your team, and have a better business operation regardless of the kind of salon business you run. Rated 5/5 on Capterra, it is definitely the software to grow your sales and attract new clients online.

Strategy 4: Optimize Internal Processes

For every business, money is needed to keep things going. You need money to pay for rent, new equipment, maintenance, salaries, new products, taxes. The bills do not seem to do away. Sometimes you cannot properly account for your expenses and even doubt if your business is profitable. If you usually dip your hands into your business; and spend for personal use, stop now. Instead, pay yourself a salary. This way, you can know how much your salon business truly has. If your bank account is also your business account, you should change that. Money management is always a game-changer for every kind of business, salon or otherwise.

If you have had problems with team members fighting over clients, shifts clashing, and similar things, you might want to explore new solutions. Beauty Management Software. Yes, beauty management platforms like FRESHA allow you to manage your team better. 

You get to set sales goals, add tiered commissions, set their shift hours, and if you have multiple locations, FRESHA helps you assign team members to locations. John Jones mentions getting lunch breaks together, receiving contactless payments as benefits of using FRESHA for his business. 

Strategy 5: Feedback & Improvement

No matter how great you think your work is, the best way to know is to ask your clients questions. Did they like the service? What new products or services would they want to see you add? Which ones do they enjoy the most? Is there anything they do not like?

The more you know about your clients’ experiences with your business, the easier it is to make changes that they want to see. The changes that will make them want to keep coming back and having the best experience at your salon. Ask them after each service what they did not like. What would make them more comfortable at your salon?


As the world is adapting quickly to changes due to the rise in technology and the spread of a virus, your business needs to be well equipped to keep up with the tech and avoid the virus’ spread. Leveraging technology by using social media and Salon software help you reach a large number of clients and reduce physical contact with people. Thus, helping to protect your clients and your team from the virus.

The next move to improving your business is now in your hands. You know the steps to take.

Will you take them? 

Decide on the easiest move and implement it first. The only way your salon business is going is up!

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