A Beginner’s Guide to a Manual FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplants have the ability to transform your life. From feeling self-conscious about balding to renewing your confidence and how much you love the way you look. This treatment is something that patients wish they had gotten sooner.

If you have decided you want to finally get a hair transplant, you have to ensure you choose the right treatment for your needs. One technique you probably have come across is called a manual FUE hair transplant. What makes this a great treatment? Here is a beginner’s guide to introduce you to this method and what you can expect from the operation.

What is a Manual FUE Hair Transplant?

First, let’s discuss what a manual FUE hair transplant is. This is a treatment that involves a surgeon using handheld tools to move healthy hair follicles from one site to another. Namely, hair is taken from parts of your scalp where they are plentiful and moves to an area that is experiencing balding. The grafts are going to be collected with a manual punch. So, the hair follicles are manually extracted from the donor area by hand. They are then placed in the area that is experiencing balding by a surgeon and without the use of robotic tools.

Note that you want to find a surgeon that is experienced when it comes to manual FUE hair transplants. This is a precise and meticulous treatment and one that requires a lot of skill and training. So, you want to find an expert that knows what they are doing so you can enjoy the best experience and results. For a hair transplant specialist in Turkey, you want to choose Dr Yaman. He has many years of experience and is an expert when it comes to manual FUE hair transplants. Indeed, many patients have been delighted with the results from his clinic.

What are the Benefits of a Manual FUE Hair Transplant?

There are many different types of hair transplants now available. They all have something different to offer. What makes a manual FUE hair transplant different? Here are some of the benefits of this treatment.

More Precise

One of the main advantages of manual FUE hair transplants is precision. Since this is an operation carried out by hand, the extraction and placement are more controlled. A surgeon will use their experience to do this in a successful way and to achieve great, natural-looking results for the patient. They have control over the tool that is used.

Minimally Invasive

Something else that patients like about manual FUE hair transplants is that they are minimally invasive. The handheld tools that are used are small and under the control of a professional. This means that there can be less damage. Namely, there is not much movement like you can experience with robotic tools, which leads to bruising. The procedure is said to be gentler, which allows the grafts to be the healthiest they can be without trauma.

No Visible Scars

Many people are wary about the scars that hair transplants can leave. They do not want them to be big or obvious, as this is something that can affect your confidence. Most people do not want others to know they have had a transplant. The good news about manual FUE hair transplants is that they do not leave visible scars. There is less risk involved in this treatment, and it does not leave large and unsightly scarring.

Are There Downsides to a Manual FUE Hair Transplant?

Of course, you cannot talk about manual FUE hair transplants and not discuss both sides of the coin. Indeed, you have to consider whether there are any concerns or downsides to this treatment. Generally, there are some things you should consider, and you can decide for yourself whether they are worries for you.

A Slower Treatment

You are going to find that manual FUE hair transplants are slower than other methods. In other words, due to the process and surgeons using handheld tools, the operation can take longer. This means that you can be sitting for longer during the surgery. Indeed, the operation is more difficult to person and requires a surgeon to work hard. But, with such great results, most people think that the process being slower is worth it.

Not Available in All Clinics

 It takes a lot of skill to perform manual FUE hair transplants. This means that this is a treatment that is not performed in every clinic. So, it can mean that you have to travel abroad for this surgery in order to find an expert you trust. You will have to do your research in order to find a good surgeon.

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