The Perfect Blend of Style and Durability of Canvas Leather Backpacks

This durable heavy-duty waxed canvas and top-grain canvas leather backpack is built to withstand years of use. Internal and zippered pockets provide organization, with an easily accessible padded laptop sleeve providing added support while the padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Durability

Canvas backpacks are an ideal choice for students, professionals, or anyone seeking a durable yet stylish bag. Perfect for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities; canvas backpack is made of heavy-duty cotton and leather construction which make these durable water resistant bags that feature natural oils that give their fabric its rugged and unique appearance. Lastly, canvas packs are extremely lightweight making them easy to carry with no strain to carry it around with them!

Waxed canvas and leather backpacks have long been classic materials for backpacks, and have recently gained in popularity due to their durability. While not indestructible from dirt, waxed canvas packs can easily be cleaned using hot water and mild soap; additionally, re-waxing it will restore its waterproof qualities.

Duluth Pack offers this backpack as an example of a practical yet sturdy solution, constructed of 15-ounce canvas and leather materials with a large leather badge displaying their brand logo – ideal for hiking and camping trips, plus even use with checked baggage as hand luggage!


Canvas backpacks provide an effective means of carrying and organizing your belongings, with plenty of compartments and pockets designed to store all your essentials. Furthermore, they’re easy to keep clean – you won’t develop an unpleasant odor from them either!

Canvas bags are naturally water resistant due to their tightly woven cotton fibers that swell up when wet, blocking any penetration by moisture into the bag. If you want it fully waterproofed though, using waterproof coating or wax may be more appropriate.

The 15″ laptop fits securely within its padded sleeve, and there are numerous zippered and interior pockets to help organize all your gear. Plus, its vintage fabric pairs well with both casual and formal outfits; while its sturdy zippers and comfortable padded straps won’t cause any discomfort even when carrying heavy loads. In addition, its construction takes place entirely within America by a team of skilled workers!


Ideally, if you want a bag that will accompany you through all types of adventures, a canvas backpack would make the ideal companion. Combining style with durability, this piece can stand the test of time while helping to transport all your possessions comfortably.

Most men’s backpacks are constructed using waxed canvas, an expensive fabric with multiple advantages over other materials. Waxed canvas is water-resistant and can be rewaxed periodically for upkeep; additionally, its patina develops over time much like full-grain leather; adding character and giving its owners its own personality.

Our canvas backpack collection boasts an assortment of styles, models and designs for you to choose from. They’re great as business backpacks or travel bags and will always adapt to meet your needs while remaining beautiful and durable. Developed by an in-house team of expert designers to ensure you’re receiving only high-quality bags at competitive prices.


Quality canvas bags are constructed using strong and resilient materials like canvas for strength and leather for style, giving the bag an affordable yet premium feel.

Wax treatments further extend the durability of canvas bags by protecting them against weather-induced moisture intrusion, keeping your belongings dry in wet environments. In addition, waxed canvas ages beautifully over time; developing its own distinctive patina that tells a unique tale.

Waxed canvas is a great eco-friendly option that doesn’t use harmful chemicals such as fluorocarbons that are commonly found in waterproof fabrics, making it an excellent option for people who seek fast fashion while having minimal impact on the environment. However, you will need to apply wax treatment regularly in order to maintain water resistance – an easy task you can complete at home using simple ingredients.

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