Do I Need a Visa When Traveling to New York City?

New York City is the most famous city globally. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the most famous city in the entire world? This city has various nicknames, such as “The Big Apple” and the “City that Never Sleeps”. People will travel to this destination for various reasons, including studies, business, medical purposes, or tourism. Besides, New York City is home to amazing and the most popular tourist attractions across the globe. Also, the tourist destinations are not far apart, making it convenient for tourists to tour and see almost all of them in a single trip. However, it is important to note that you will be required to be in possession of some legal documents permitting you to stay in the city. The documents usually vary depending on your country and your motive here.   

Typically, if you travel to New York, you will be required to apply for a visa. Visa for New York serves as a travel authorization document allowing you to enter the United States. However, if you are a citizen of one of the forty countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program, then you will only need to apply for an ESTA. 

What is an Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA)?

An Electronic System for Travel Authorization involves an online system used to determine the eligibility of visitors coming to the United States. The ESTA application takes a few minutes to fill in the form requiring passport and personal details. Also, an applicant will be required to answer several eligibility questions to complete the application. 

Who is Eligible for a Visa To New York City?

If your country is among the 40 countries listed in the Visa Waiver Program, you definitely do not need to apply for a visa when visiting New York. Instead, you should apply for an ESTA to serve as your authorization document during your trip. However, an Electronic System for Travel Authorization is only applicable if your motive in the city is for tourism or business purposes. Therefore, people working or studying in the United States will need a relevant visa. This is because an ESTA is only valid for 90 days which studying or working days will likely exceed. Again, an ESTA will not be sufficient if your tour or business trip exceeds 90 days. Thus, you will be required to apply for a Category B2 visa for tourism or Category B1 visa for business purposes. 

How Do I Apply for a Visa to New York?

When applying for a New York visa, you must first fill out an online visa application-DS-160 form. After submitting this form, you will be required to schedule an appointment at the consulate or embassy. The appointment usually includes an interview and presentation of all the necessary documents. You will later receive confirmation of whether your application was successful or not. The visa will be sent to you upon a successful application process; thus, you can use it when you tour New York City and the rest of the United States. 

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