Benefits of a snore-free life


Sleep is supposed to be relaxing, restorative, and renewing. The blissfulness of those precious hours is intensely diminished if you’re a person who snores. Not only can snoring lead to short-term frustrations, but those who snore may also be facing chronic issues if snoring is left untreated. Here’s a look at some of the impacts that snoring can have and the benefits of getting treated.

  1. Happy Sleep, Happy Partner

If you’ve ever woken up to the sound of your neighbor mowing the lawn at an obnoxiously early hour, then you can relate to what it’s like to sleep next to someone who snores.

Not only can it disrupt your sleep patterns and keep you constantly restless, but it can also affect your partner. As expected, this can be a recipe for disaster, making treatment critical. This can help you keep your sanity, and relationship intact.

In addition, getting a solid night’s sleep can help you recover faster from your day, making you more productive during whatever your work schedule looks like. Cheers to tracking down some motivation and crushing those goals.

  1. Health Benefits

Now that some of the more immediate concerns of snoring have been covered, take a look at some of the long-term implications. In the most basic terms, snoring is a sign of something called apnea or not breathing during your sleep.

This, in turn, causes plaque to build up in your arteries. Plaque in your arteries is similar to the plaque your dentist warns you about on your teeth, except the plaque caused by snoring is a little more sinister. Think of your arteries like a straw in a giant milkshake.

The thicker your milkshake is, the harder it is to slurp up; the same is true for your body. It becomes increasingly harder for your heart muscle to pump blood through arteries loaded with plaque, which puts you at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and even heart attacks.

Finding a snoring dentist to manage your care can do more than just keep your bedroom quiet at night.

  1. Weight Loss

The link between snoring and weight gain is an interesting one. Gaining weight can make snoring worse. This is because of the extra pressure of those pounds on your airway and chest; however, snoring more can cause you to gain weight.

This is generally thought to be caused by hormonal fluctuations when your body doesn’t achieve proper rest. This can be seen even in people who simply don’t sleep enough and don’t snore.

Ghrelin and leptin are considered hunger hormones and will be unbalanced regardless of whether your lack of sleep is due to snoring or too much reading. Treatment for snoring can actually help your favorite jeans fit a little better.

  1. Mental Health

The current focus on mental health is strong, and paving the road for treatment has never been more of a priority. It’s no surprise that improved mental health would make its way onto a list of benefits for a snore-free life. It benefits no one when you wake up after a restless night of sleep and are cranky.

In fact, it can lead to things like anxiety and depression, which can be some of the top presenting symptoms in people with diagnoses like sleep apnea. Depression and anxiety can be affected regardless of whether you are the person snoring or if you are sleeping next to someone who snores.

This is because the lack of oxygen to your brain that occurs when you snore can cause structural changes, leading to behavioral changes, among other things. Treatment for snoring is not a guaranteed cure for your depression, but it can certainly help make an improvement.


As you can see, sleep, or the lack of due to snoring, can be highly beneficial; furthermore, letting snoring control and diminish those benefits doesn’t have to be your way of life.

You can pursue several options to treat snoring, starting with evaluating the severity of your issues. Once complete, your provider can help guide you down the path that’s best for your situation. Better, and quieter, sleep is just around the corner.

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