6 best batting techniques to know in 2022

Every beginner aspires to be a great cricket player. As a beginner, there are a few techniques and tips you should know in order to excel at the sport. The latest cricket news today is a must if you aspire to learn cricket.

The three most important aspects of cricket are bowling, batting, and fielding. If you want to become a great batsman, here are some very useful cricket batting tips for you. The latest cricket news today can also help you to know what is going on in the cricket world.

Here are the 6 Best Batting techniques

  1. Standing Sideways

Always face the bowler with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your body with your hips while keeping your back straight. Point your non-dominant shoulder towards the bowler while holding the bat ready, and keep your eyes on the ball. Your shoulders should not drop and should be at eye level at all times. If you are right-handed, you stand on the right side of the stump, and if you are left-handed, you stand on the left side of the stump.

  1. Hold the Bat

Always hold your bat tightly and firmly. If you are right-handed, your left hand should be holding the end of the bat with the knuckles facing the bowler, and your right hand should be placed above your left hand and hold the bat with two fingers and your thumb. For a better and tighter grip, place your thumb and index finger in a V shape. For left-handed batters, the inverse. Make sure your hands are close together and that the bat’s paddle feels comfortable in your hands.

  1. Distance between the bat and the stump

Make a line in your turf starting from the middle wicket. This will assist you in locating your wickets while batting. Draw the line with the end of your bat, making sure it is parallel to the middle wicket. This is known as a guard line. If you are practicing indoors, draw the guard line with tape.

  1. Tapping the bat on the ground line

When you tap on the guard line, you are signaling to the bowler that you are ready to bat. Avoid tapping the ground too hard. Maintain your body form by keeping your bat as straight as possible at all times.

  1. Eye on the ball

Keep your eye on the ball at all times. You can figure out the position you need to take to hit the ball if you follow the ball until it pitches. Consider which shot to take as the ball approaches you. You can drive to take long shots if the ball pitches in a sweet spot, but if the ball pitches too high or low, take a defense shot. This is an important cricket batting technique for beginners to remember and practice.

  1. Swing the bat downward

To hit the ball after it bounces lowers your bat. Maintain your lead leg in front and your lead elbow facing the bowler. Continue to swing your bat to hit the ball as far as possible. This is the most common cricket batting technique and is known as a straight drive.

How To Bat

Every cricketer should know how to bat. The most important thing to remember when batting is to protect your wickets/stumps. Batting can be improved by learning a few simple and important cricket batting basics. Here are some batting tips to help you improve your game:

Perfect your grip on the bat

Place the bat on the ground, end facing you. Pick up the bat with your dominant hand above your non-dominant hand. Place your thumbs and fingers in the opposite direction. When batting, wear gloves and position your thumb in a V shape. Hold the bat as you see fit.

Facing the bowler

When batting, your non-dominant side should be facing the bowler. This is done so that your dominant hand pushes the bat with full force, allowing you to hit the ball far, high, and away from the bowler.

Feet should be at a comfortable distance

Batting becomes more stable when your feet are separated by one foot. Bend your knees slightly so you can run after you hit the ball. Distribute your weight evenly between your legs and keep your gaze fixed on the ball.


Make sure your toes are in a straight line from the middle stump to your dominant feet. The bowler tries to aim at your wickets, so stand in front of them while covering half of the wicket to keep it from falling.

Reading the bat

Hold the bat horizontally away from the bowler and perpendicular to the ground at your thigh level. You can easily make a defensive hit from this position.

Ready to hit

Lift your bat backward as you swing for a hit. This is referred to as a backlift. Choose your direction and strength based on the pitch of the ball. You can divert your attention away from the ball by moving your head or shoulder. That is why you should move your shoulder forward and bend to keep your head and body straight throughout.

Move backward or forward

Move in the direction of the shot you want to take. Wait for the swing and then move accordingly, either backward or forwards. Shift your weight to the back leg to maintain balance while swinging. By shifting your weight, you can adjust to the ball, which bounces higher after the pitch and takes longer to reach you. Make a full pitch by moving forward.

Lead shoulder followed by the front foot

Begin your swing by moving your lead shoulder first, followed by your front foot. This movement keeps your body and bat in balance and strength.

Choose the shot

Decide which shot to take according to the ball. Keep your eye on the ball as it can move straight towards the wicket or sideways. This will help you decide your shot and strength.

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