5 Winter Sun Holiday Ideas You Should Consider

The summer is almost over. As the nights grow darker, now is the perfect time to consider a winter vacation. Even though the Med receives a lot of attention in the summer, it’s necessary to travel a little farther in the winter to get the warm sunshine we all yearn for, during the winter season. Read on to see our top 5 winter sun vacation ideas if you’re considering taking a trip later this year or early next year. 

Canary islands

For winter sun, the Canary Islands are a perennial favorite because they offer unbeatable value for money. All of the Canary Islands have breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, relaxed resorts, and great prices—the difficult part is deciding which one to visit first! If you’re looking for the ideal place to stay, the Canaries have an amazing selection. There is something for every need and budget, including an abundance of hotel resorts, self-catering apartments, and all-inclusive options. 

Cruise from Dubai

The UAE is a great place to visit in the winter months, and taking a luxury cruise is one of the popular ways to see all of its incredible cities and locations. The recently launched MSC World Europa cruise ship embarks on itineraries that visit Doha, Abu Dhabi, and even the opulent private island of Sur Bani Yas, departing from Dubai. These cruises, which are available only in the winter, are genuinely exceptional vacation experiences. 

Dominican Republic

In the Caribbean lies a lush island paradise called the Dominican Republic. It is a great place to escape to during the colder winter months here in Ireland because it has almost a thousand miles of coastline and two hundred and fifty miles of the best beaches in the world. It is renowned for its magnificent all-inclusive luxury resorts, breathtaking mountains covered in rainforests, and it is amazing people. Whether you’re looking for a fun family resort or an adult-only getaway, you can choose from a great selection of Dreams and Secrets resorts in the Dominican Republic. If the resorts alone don’t wow you, the beaches that each of them is next to will make you forget you’re wearing flip flops.  


Mexico is a very popular destination for Irish tourists because of its amazing array of opulent all-inclusive resorts. There’s plenty to enjoy here, with its turquoise waters, abundance of attractions, breathtaking natural beauty, and distinctive Mayan historic ruins. Most tourists to Mexico usually stay in one of two places: Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, which are located close to the coast, or the Hotel Zone in the always-popular Cancun. We have an amazing collection of opulent resorts that cater to families, friends traveling together, adults-only getaways, and honeymooners. 

Caribbean cruise

A Caribbean cruise is a great way to spend a vacation seeing multiple breathtaking Caribbean islands. A Caribbean cruise will spoil you with visits to exciting cities, beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and with delectable cuisine. You have to fly to Florida before you can board the ship for your Caribbean cruise. This offers you a fantastic opportunity to spend your dream cruise holidays in the Sunshine State as well! Whether your preference is to experience the excitement of Orlando’s theme parks, the Latin flair of Miamithe, or the laid-back Floridian lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale, spending your time in Florida is all worth your time before you sail away.

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