What sports to watch this winter

We are all used to traditional football, basketball, tennis or athletics for Pin Up bets. But there are equally exciting sports whose founders may have gotten tired of the usual practice of throwing a ball over a net or just running and wanted to add a little creativity. Today, for various reasons, several very popular winter sports stand out.

9 most popular winter sports

  • Ski cross

If you love racing, you will love offroad racing. Unfortunately, the game makes it clear that there is no online gameplay and you are limited to playing co-op on the couch. Time matters here half a second late, are you eating snow too early? Still eating snow. Accuracy will be your key to winning and showing off on the slopes.

  • Super G

This layout won’t protect you from falling Super-G (which stands for Super Giant Slalom) is similar to the next sport on the list and depends a lot on how long the game is.

The controls can be a bit touchy, so it may take a few tries to find a sweet spot for balancing the drivers.

  • Descent

If skiing down a slope with reckless energy sounds like fun, downhill skiing will likely dampen your adrenaline rush temporarily. With the wind in your face, goals to pass quickly come to mind – well, at least in the game. What distinguishes alpine skiing is the length and speed. Depending on whether you like fast-paced games that rely on quick dodge reflexes, you might prefer this Super-G variant.

  • Short distance

In racing you will find a certain charm of the short track. It’s not as fast as some of the other sports on this list, but it’s still a lot of fun once you figure out how to turn corners. If you have a few minutes and just want to run a few races around the track, the races are short enough to be a lot of fun.

You can even host a tiny house tournament as a party game with friends if you like.

  • Snowboard cross

If skiing isn’t your ideal way to get downhill, a crossover snowboard can solve that problem. You will run into three other local players while trying to leave them in the dust.

  • Bobsled

Imagine: you and a friend decide to build a car out of soapboxes, ride a rollercoaster, and drive downhill without slowing down. Sounds like fun for an adrenaline junkie, right? The double bob makes the most of its analog presence in its responsive controls, making this hair-raising sled a pleasure to ride. 

You can feel the complexity of the turn, allowing for precise response. Skeleton Take everything you know about bobsleigh, get your adrenaline pumping up to 12, and you have the Skeleton Race, the only race named after the risk you take. The athletes who run this (and other competitions) are the most daring.

Given the Skeleton technology, you need to be on top of things to maximize your uptime. So it can be a very exciting experience because the excitement is just as much a part of running as is the rotation.

  • Ski jumping

Most events in one form or another take place under the mountain, as they do in the mountains. However, ski jumping raises the adrenaline level to 12.

If you like dimples when you fall and great relief when you land, then this might be just what you’re looking for. The race only lasts a few seconds, so don’t stay in the air or you’ll eat the snow and start accelerating.

  • Curling

Curling may not seem like the best sport in the series, but behind its deceptive simplicity hides a surprising amount of complexity. This gives you maximum control over any movement and maximum satisfaction with the correct execution of the throw.

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