How Many Doctors Does HealthTap Have?

Currently, HealthTap has a network of over 107 physicians. This makes HealthTap a great way to text with a doctor for free, and it also allows your insurance coverage to be accepted.

107 doctors in its network

Founded six years ago, HealthTap is a comprehensive app that helps people see the best answers to their health questions. The company claims to have served over four billion answers to patients’ questions and generated 4.8 billion health tips.

HealthTap provides affordable virtual healthcare to tens of millions of consumers online each year. The app connects patients with doctors of their choice. It provides personalized medical consultations, preventive care, urgent care, and a variety of other services. Members pay just $15 a month for access to a network of U.S.-based board-certified physicians. HealthTap also offers a number of other services, including text messaging with your doctor and an emergency plan.

HealthTap has been rapidly growing its network of U.S.-based doctors, and recently added a ranking system. This is a system that ranks doctors based on their self-identifying specializations and their contribution to HealthTap.

The company also announced that it had acquired the health business of Q&A website. This is a major step in HealthTap’s efforts to become “the world’s first global health practice”.

The company recently announced that it had partnered with Samsung. This will allow users of Samsung’s Smart TV to access HealthTap’s healthcare platform and schedule an appointment with their doctor of choice using the built-in camera on the TV. It also allows users to view the doctor’s bio, credentials, and video interviews.

Insurance coverage accepted by HealthTap

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to receive quality health care, or you simply need to get a doctor’s opinion, HealthTap has you covered. For a monthly fee, members can use the HealthTap app to access a wide range of health services.

During a virtual consultation, members can receive prescriptions, lab test results, diagnosis information, and treatment plans. If needed, they can receive referrals to specialists. HealthTap has doctors in 170 countries.

HealthTap has a network of more than 90,000 volunteer physicians who are licensed in the U.S. Each has a medical license and is board certified. In addition, each doctor is subject to a peer review process. This involves physicians self-identifying specializations and rating each other.

HealthTap doctors can write prescriptions, fill them, and answer questions through text messages. They can also provide limited mental health care through virtual consultations. However, they cannot write prescriptions for controlled substances and narcotics.

The HealthTap app has a symptom checker that can help patients determine whether they need to see a doctor. In addition, the app stores a patient’s entire medical profile.

Texting with a doctor for free

HealthTap uses proprietary technology to connect consumers with doctors. It has a network of more than 12,000 board-certified physicians, many of whom are U.S. licensed. These doctors are available to provide patients with free virtual doctor visits. The app also provides access to an extensive library of questions answered by doctors.

The app also features an AI-based symptom checker. The system uses medical experts to train its artificial intelligence. It then uses that information to provide guidance to the user regarding next steps. The results are presented to the user in the form of a list of potential causes of symptoms.

HealthTap’s AI also has the power to suggest a virtual appointment with a doctor. It does this by answering a series of questions based on the symptoms presented by the user.

Social network features

Currently, HealthTap is the world’s largest network of mobile doctor directories. It offers a free service that allows consumers to ask questions of U.S.-licensed physicians. HealthTap’s technology uses personal data to deliver contextualized advice. HealthTap’s new focus is on health. It recently launched HealthTap Express for mobile devices. It also introduced a suite of new apps.

One of the new features is the ability to access the HealthTap network through Facebook Messenger. This provides free, instant access to top quality doctors. The app covers a wide range of topics, including children’s health, exercise, healthy living, pregnancies, acne, and more.

HealthTap also includes a peer-based reputation system. The app displays new answers in users’ activity feeds, and lets them see how many doctors agree with their answers. HealthTap also allows doctors to share pictures of their answers with other doctors, who can leave comments.


HealthTap has also introduced an AI-powered symptom checker. Its “Talk to Docs” app is trained to understand spoken health questions and offers the best doctor answers. The app’s answers are based on a database of over 1 billion doctor answers.

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