Create a Stylish and Cozy Environment for Your Child’s Development

1.1. The Service Provider undertakes to provide online consulting services regarding child development and health in a question-and-answer format for the purpose of recording video content by the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), and the Customer undertakes to pay for such Services in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in this Contract.

1.2. The Services under this Contract shall be provided on September 14, 2023, for a duration of one hour starting at 2:00 PM Irish time (GMT+1).

1.3. The Services shall be provided by the Service Provider through the connection of the Service Provider to an online video conference using the “ZOOM” or “Google Meet” software, access to which shall be provided to the Service Provider by the Customer no later than 30 minutes before the start of the video conference.

1.4. The Service Provider shall deliver the Services based on their professional qualifications and experience.

2.1. The total cost of the Services under this Contract (Contract Price) amounts to 150 (one hundred fifty) US dollars. The currency of payment is the US dollar. The cost of the Services under this Contract is fixed.

2.2. The total cost of the Services under this Contract (Contract Price) includes all possible expenses incurred by the Service Provider during the provision of the Services under this Contract and encompasses all applicable taxes, fees, commissions, and the like.

2.3. The Customer shall make payment for the Services under this Contract within 5 calendar days from the date of their provision in full.

2.4. If the last day of the payment term established by this Contract or the relevant Appendix falls on a weekend, a holiday, or another non-working day, the day following such date is considered the deadline for payment.

3.1. To fulfill the terms of the Contract, the Service Provider undertakes the following obligations:

3.1.1. Provide the Services in full, with quality, and within the deadlines agreed upon by the Parties in this Contract. The quality of the Services must meet the usual requirements for such services.

3.1.2. Not disclose the information provided by the Customer and made known during the provision of the Services under this Contract.

3.1.3. Not use the information and materials obtained from the Customer as a result of providing the Services for their own purposes and not disclose them to third parties.

3.1.4. Not use the recordings of the online consultations provided under this Contract for their own purposes and in any way distribute them.

3.1.5. Not distribute the final video material without the Customer’s consent.

3.2. To fulfill the terms of the Contract, the Customer undertakes the following obligations:

3.2.1. Provide the Service Provider with the necessary information and materials for the proper provision of the Services by the Service Provider under this Contract and grant access to the video conference.

3.2.2. Pay for the Services provided by the Service Provider in accordance with the terms and deadlines specified in this Contract.

4.1. Under this Contract, the Service Provider participates in creating intellectual property in the form of video content by providing Services through a recording by the Customer. However, the Service Provider is not an actor or author of such video content or its components; rather, they participate as an expert/consultant under this Contract. All copyright and related rights to the created and recorded video material, which includes recordings of the Service Provider during the provision of the Services under this Contract, belong to the Customer.

4.2. The Service Provider provides unconditional and irrevocable consent to the recording, filming, and publication of video (including as part of another work) with their participation, which is the fixed result of providing Services under this Contract, and to its free use.

5.1. The Parties shall be liable for the non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the Contract in accordance with the applicable laws of Ireland and the provisions of this Contract.

5.2. If damages are incurred as a result of a breach of obligations arising from this Contract, the injured Party has the right to recover such damages in full from the liable Party, irrespective of the sanctions provided for in Section 7 of this Contract.

5.3. Imposing any punitive sanctions does not exempt the liable Party from fulfilling its obligations under this Contract.

6.1. The Parties are obligated to adhere to a confidentiality regime regarding the information obtained during the provision of Services under this Contract. The Parties shall take necessary measures to prevent the disclosure of the content of the information or its exposure to third parties without prior written consent from the disclosing Party, except in cases where the mandatory disclosure of information is required by law.

6.2. To protect confidential information, the Parties must employ precautionary measures commonly used for safeguarding such information in existing business practices or as required by applicable laws, including data protection laws. The Parties are committed to ensuring the protection of confidential information both during the term of this Contract and after its termination.

6.3. The Service Provider grants the Customer the right to process and use their personal data, including for inclusion in the created video recording containing a recording of the provision of Services under this Contract, and the right to mention the Service Provider in the title and description of the video on social media.

7.1. All legal relations arising from this Contract or related to it, including those related to its validity, conclusion, performance, modification, and termination, the interpretation of its terms, and the determination of consequences of invalidity or breach of the Contract, are governed by this Contract and the relevant provisions of the applicable laws of Ireland, taking into account the norms of international treaties.

7.2. All disputes arising from this Contract or related to it shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties.

7.3. If the Parties do not reach a Contract on disputed matters, the dispute shall be settled through legal proceedings in accordance with the jurisdiction and venue provided for by the applicable laws of Ireland.

8.1. The Parties shall be exempt from liability for the non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under this Contract if it is a result of force majeure circumstances and their consequences directly affecting the ability to perform the Contract.

8.2. Force majeure circumstances (acts of force majeure) shall be understood as extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances that objectively make it impossible to fulfill the obligations stipulated by the terms of the contract, duties under legislative and other regulatory acts, including but not limited to: the threat of war, armed conflict, or a serious threat of such conflict, including but not limited to hostile attacks, blockades, military embargoes, actions of a foreign enemy, general military mobilization, military actions, declared or undeclared war, actions of a public enemy, riots, acts of terrorism, sabotage, unrest, invasion, blockade, revolution, coup, uprising, mass disturbances, curfew, expropriation, forced seizure, confiscation, public demonstration, blockade, strike, accident, unlawful actions of third parties, fire, explosion, prolonged transport interruptions, regulated by the conditions of relevant decisions and acts of government authorities, closure of seaports, embargoes, export/import bans, and other circumstances, as well as those caused by exceptional weather conditions and natural disasters, including but not limited to epidemics, severe storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, tempests, floods, snow accumulation, ice, hail, freezing of seas, straits, ports, passes, earthquakes, lightning, fires, droughts, ground subsidence and landslides, and other natural disasters, etc.

8.3. The Party for which it has become impossible to perform the obligations under this Contract under the conditions provided for in clause 8.2. of this Contract must notify the other Party in writing (by letter, fax) within a period not exceeding 10 (ten) business days of the occurrence and possible duration (termination) of such circumstances and, within the same period, provide the Party with a certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

8.4. The failure to notify (confirm) or the untimely notification (confirmation) by one of the Parties of the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations under this Contract due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances in accordance with clause 8.3. of this Contract deprives this Party of the right to rely on any of the circumstances mentioned above as a basis for exemption from liability for non-performance/partial performance of obligations under this Contract.

8.5. If force majeure circumstances persist for more than 30 (thirty) calendar days, either Party has the right to unilaterally terminate this Contract, providing written notice of such termination to the other Party. In this case, the Parties are obliged to settle final accounts under this Contract within 10 (ten) banking days after such termination based on a bilateral Act.

kids canopy tent

Kids Canopy Tent: Create a Stylish and Cozy Environment for Your Child’s Development

Kids canopy tent is not just a decorative element for a child’s room; it’s the creation of a special place where your child can explore a new world, nurture their imagination, and enhance their skills. These soft and cozy tents serve as a platform for magical evenings, games, creativity, and even learning. They add style and harmony to the room and help preserve a child’s enthusiasm and joy.

Personalizing the Child’s Room with Kids Canopy Tent

Kids canopy tents can transform an ordinary child’s room into a comfortable space tailored to your child’s needs, interests, and age. It’s a unique tool that allows you to create an individual style and a unique atmosphere.

Depending on your child’s preferences, you can choose a design with rainbows, penguins, and stars or opt for attractive solid or dual-color kids’ canopy tents. This allows you to create a special play-themed corner for your little one’s favorite interests. In addition to the tent, you can add other accessories, toys, pillows, lanterns, and other decor elements. As a result, the child’s room becomes a space that reflects everything your child loves and is passionate about. These tents remain relevant for a long time: initially creating coziness for a baby’s room, then transforming into a place for imaginative play.

So, a kid’s canopy tent is more than just decoration; it creates a unique world for your child where they can grow and unleash their imagination. This makes childhood an unforgettable period filled with exciting games, enjoyable moments, and harmony.

Create a Cozy Environment for Play and Relaxation

A child’s room is where your child spends a lot of time exploring the world, learning, and playing. Adding a kid’s canopy tent to this space offers your child more than you can imagine:

  • A Zone for Fairy Adventures. With various designs and themed variations of tents, your little one can easily imagine themselves as an explorer among the stars or a daring adventurer.
  • Comfort and Tranquility. By retreating into the tent, your child can focus on reading books or enjoying peaceful moments.
  • A Wonderful Space for Shared Play. Kids canopy tent provides an excellent space for games with siblings, friends, or parents. It’s perfect for hide-and-seek, board games, reading, or even staging puppet shows. This encourages the development of social skills and communication.
  • Personal Space. Everyone needs a nook where they can escape from the world for a while to take a cozy nap or indulge in creativity. A kids’ canopy tent is ideal for this purpose.

Kids Canopy Tent: Safety First

Children’s tents are designed with safety in mind, making the child’s room a maximally secure space. When combined with children’s beds, the tent material offers additional protection against accidental bumps into the bed frame and prevents children from rolling out of the bed during sleep.

Furthermore, the tents themselves are carefully crafted with safety in mind:

  • All products are made from natural fabrics that allow excellent air circulation, ensuring that even spending a lot of time inside the tent won’t lead to overheating.
  • Non-toxic paints are used for the prints.
  • The products do not have sharp cuts, openings, or small parts that could potentially harm children.
  • The seams are meticulously checked for strength and quality to prevent manufacturing defects and, consequently, any additional health or safety risks to children.
  • An essential aspect of safety is the ability to exit the tent easily and quickly when needed. A child should always have the option to leave without difficulty.

To ensure that kids’ canopy tent retains its properties during use, it’s important to follow the instructions provided with the product.

Creative Ideas for Playing in Kids Canopy Tent

Kids canopy tent is a real playground for nurturing your child’s imagination, creativity, and fantasy. Here are a few exciting game ideas you can complement with your rules or invent fun activities.

Play Store

Transform kid’s canopy tent into a real play store or a shop with products. Add your child’s favorite toys, children’s kitchen utensils, and even a cash register. Your child can play the role of a seller or a buyer, learning the basics of math and social skills.

Fairy Tale House

A kid’s canopy tent can become a true fairy tale house. Hang starry fairy lights, add soft cushions and poufs, and your child can spend time reading fairy tales, narrating them, or even creating their own magical stories.

Spacecraft Adventure

Your kid’s canopy tent can turn into a spacecraft or another form of transport for fantastic journeys. Add a dash of imagination, and your child can make new discoveries!

Theatrical Stage

Kid’s canopy tent can serve as its own theatrical stage. Your child can organize puppet shows and performances or even stage their own plays.

Allow your little ones to grow up in an environment where every day is an adventure. Kids canopy tents can help you create such a space for your little explorer. Let every moment in the kids’ canopy tent be magical and unforgettable for them, as this is where the best development of children’s imagination and talent occurs.

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