What To Expect From Singapore’s Office Rental Market In 2022

In 2021, the garden city showed remarkable toughness in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic. During this period, Singapore was triumphant in keeping the real estate losses to a minimum and paved a road for a prosperous 2022. Also, with Corona on its deathbed, experts are optimistic for a brighter Singapore office rental market. Here are a few particulars that can help you comprehend why 2022 will be a better year for the office rental market of Singapore. 

The expected increase in demand

It is the start of 2022, and an increase in the business surge is on the way towards Singapore’s business centers. Similarly, office space demand will also increase with the businesses. Since Lion City holds a prominent position in the business world, it can house hundreds of thousands of offices. With so much variety and options, the real estate market of the city-state is in for a thrilling and profiting 2022.

A Lazy 2021

2021 was a steady but slow year for most of the businesses. A few called quits and put a stopper while others stayed in the market. However, a demise of the industry was felt in the city-state’s real estate. Thus, resulting in lower rates and fewer profits in Singapore office rental market. You must note that 2021 left many profiting gaps in the market, which will be filled in 2022, making 2021 a contributing factor towards a better 2022.

Better deals

At the start of 2022, when Corona is still playing in some areas, there are higher chances for you to get very reasonable office rental rates. The likelihood of a better deal at the start of the year is much more than in the mid since there are more prospects and fewer tenants. 

As per some real estate professionals, the office rental rates in Singapore may increase up to 30% by the end of 2025

The Great office Return

Supposedly, if humanity manages to wipe out the virus completely, you can expect a 100% revival of the office rental market. Since such is not the case yet but we can hope for a great office return in the near future. Will it be in 2022? Well, a man has got to eat, and he has got to earn. 2022 is probably the first year where most of the business in Singapore will be live soon. Moreover, this great return is on the door, and you can expect a gradual increase in the office space demand soon.


Even though the previous year was not very productive, much real estate potential is still noticed in the Singapore office rental market. Singapore will hold a principal position in 2022 in the office space market in the Asia Pacific. Moreover, experts have indicated an expected rise up to 5 to 7% in median price gains of Singapore’s real estate by the end of 2022. Furthermore, the personal property rates shall also rise to 3% by the ending of 2022. Also, it is unusual and remarkable to witness such a rise in numbers after a lazy 2021. 

It is vital to remember that there is still a chance of a global pandemic, and another lockdown period can bring unexpected changes to Singapore’s 2022. It would be best if you were prepared for such a surprising happening in the rental market and, at the same time, hopeful for a brighter 2022.

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