What consists best of lawn mowers in Kenya

Whether you need a lawn mower for personal or commercial use, we got it! Our list outlines Kenya’s best gas lawn mowers to help you accomplish tasks efficiently. In addition, we give you the specifications of each lawn mower’s advantages and downsides when choosing a lawnmower.

A lawn mower is a machine that helps you cut and trim grass easily. Our article takes you through what to look for in a lawn mower regardless of your needs. We help you get the best machine based on essential factors.

Overall gas lawn mower

This lawn mower is 42.2 inches to help you grip it from a comfortable height without having to bend. It is wide enough to cover a large surface area of approximately 23 inches, with a blade length of 21 inches. In addition, it comes with a rear wheel, and it is self-propelled. It can cut grass up to 75 inches high, supported by its 200cc engine. In addition, it comes with a rear wheel, and it is self-propelled.

Furthermore, it has one of the most extended lifespans – 5 years. Unlike contemporary lawn mowers, it has an electric key start. The stop technology incorporated in this machine is that you can stop the blades while the engine is still on. The presence of cruise control for controlling speed makes it stand out among other lawn mowers on our list.

Mid-range lawn mowers

If you are looking for a manual push-type lawn mower, then a mid-range type is the best option. It is 68 inches deep and 22 inches wide to ensure it cuts vegetation to a maximum of 3.75 inches. Unlike other types, it is lighter: 69.5lbs. It is affordable and has a slightly smaller engine of 160cc, an essential factor to consider when determining the lawn mower price in Kenya.

The lawn mower is the most common in Kenya, and it’s operated by pulling a cord. Unfortunately, it may not be so good due to the manual push operation. It also lacks a blade-stopping system and has a short warranty of 2 years.

Quick cutting lawn mower

The machine is also a pull cord operation type but has a three years warranty. Moreover, it is self-propelled and has a large cutting width of 30 inches. Nevertheless, it is heavier, with a net weight of 140lbs. You may opt to buy it because of the expansive deck and powerful engine. The device is simple to operate and has a washout port, making cleaning easier.

Large lawn type

As the name suggests, it is suitable for large lawns. It is also self-propelled, has one of the best engine qualities, and has a considerable deck size. The best part, it has efficient mulching capabilities with a twin blade system. Although it is good, it tends to b very expensive, but it is worth the price if you consider the features.


For all lawn mowers, consider the blade width, cutting height, and engine power to get a quality product. While other factors, such as price may be necessary, the engine power, price, and noise level are equally important. Check also about brush cutter.

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