The Highest Wins Of Online Casino History

Gambling can be dated back thousands of years but the introduction of online casino games has allowed more people to have access to these popular games.

Since its introduction in the 1990s, people have been winning physical money on online games. Either through pure luck or careful strategy. 

While there are many choices for games such as blackjack online, the most profitable online game tends to be the slots. 

So, in this article, we cover some of the biggest winnings from online games. While the odds of one slot may not always be in your favor, sometimes you can turn into a millionaire with a single spin like these people.

$24 Million – 2013

The highest payout on our list was done in 2013 by an anonymous Finnish person. On a 25-cent spin, they managed to win an incredible $24 million on the Mega Fortune online slot.

$23.6 Million – 2021

This amount was won by a Belgian player at the Napoleon Sports Bar & Casino in 2021. 

They were playing an adaption of Alice in Wonderland called Absolootly Mad on the Mega Moolah Website. It is a 5-reel game and they won $23.6 million.

Not only was it an incredible amount of money, but this win is also included in the Guinness World Record.

$22.4 Million – 2018

This is another Mega Moolah win. They managed to get $22.4 million from a $0.75 spin. The most impressive part is that they achieved this in under 50 spins.

$19.9 Million – 2013

Possibly the best story of a jackpot winner is that of Jonathan Heywood. He was a British soldier who was playing Mega Moolah at Betway Casino.

He won this figure on a 25-pence spin and did so in under 30 minutes.

Heywood said he would spend the earnings on his family, especially his father. His father was sick and in need of a lung and heart transplant. 

Of course, Heywood also said he was going to use some of the money on a new Bentley.

$17.3 Million – 2011

This $17.3 million payout was won on a game called Arabian Knights. It is not available in the US and wasn’t known for its high payouts.

Still, it was a popular game and this huge jackpot shows that even the games with low payouts can have a big victory.

$13.47 Million – 2011

A Norwegian man decided to play a few slots on Betsson after being unable to go to sleep. In one of the few times that insomnia paid off, he won $13.47 million.

Obviously, it was even harder for him to go to sleep after winning that amount and he stayed up until 6 am in excitement.

$11.68 Million – 2016

In 2016, Canadian Marcus Goodwin was playing Mega Moolah on his mobile phone. He claims that he rarely gambled on his phone.

After around 2 hours of small bets of $1.50, Goodwin won an incredible $11.68 million. This shows that persistence does pay off.

$11.6 Million – 2016

This figure was won by an anonymous woman known simply by her initials D.P.

She signed up for Zodiac Casino on her iPad and decided to play the infamous Mega Moolah. After depositing only $1 D.P won $11.6 million.

This story is so fantastic that a book was later written on it.

Tricks To Win

Now that you’ve heard stories of these huge jackpot winners, here are a few tips to help you also get a victory.

Carefully Choose Your Slot

Not all slots have the same payouts. While most of the people on this list won on Mega Moolah, it is important to remember that this just means it is very popular so the chance of winning is low.

Instead, pick a lesser-known slot that still has a decent jackpot.


Everyone knows the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ and this also applies to online gambling. You can practice on free games so that you are improving your skills and learning the quirks of the game while not losing any money.

Final Thoughts

Each of these wins is an inspiration and shows that you can win large amounts of money from the comfort of your own home if you are lucky enough.

The downside of gambling becoming so accessible is that more and more people are aiming for that big jackpot. So the chances of you being the lucky winner are getting slimmer by the day.

Even if you don’t win the huge life-changing jackpot, a couple of hundred is still a huge victory.

As any well-versed gambler can tell you, slots aren’t big money-makers. But that is because their common payouts are small which makes that larger jackpot even more desirable.

Hopefully hearing all these stories of incredible wins will help you be more patient with your next adventure into online gambling.

Remember to gamble responsibly and only bet money that you are comfortable losing. Never go into a game with the thought that you will only stop when you turn a profit.

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