The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy

Do you have your heart set on getting married in Italy? Or even better, you have already put the plans in motion for you dream wedding in Bella Italia. Italy is a fabulous choice for a destination wedding. As a country it is famous for its rich culture, romantic cities, tasty food and great weather. 

Planning a wedding abroad can be equally as enjoyable and stressful as organising the celebrations closer to home. Keep reading to discover some of the dos and don’ts on getting married in Italy as a foreigner. Bear these things in mind and you are sure to have a flawless wedding day. 

Do visit the location prior to the wedding

The best thing about choosing Italy for your destination wedding is that there is a venue suited to everyone. From the sunny Amalfi coast to cities steeped in history to the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside. 

Prior to choosing a venue, do some research online. Scout some possible wedding venues, have a look at pictures, research the local area and read reviews from other couples. But when it comes to making that final decision, do visit the location in person. There is nothing like first hand experience to inform you. Things may appear great in a photo but make sure you get the full picture. 

Do embrace the local culture

If you are choosing to get married in Italy, it is probably because you already appreciate the wonderful culture. Embrace this on your wedding day. Find local suppliers, photographers, musicians. Serve local food and wine. It will result in a more unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Do consider your guests

When planning a destination wedding, it is very often to fulfil the dreams of the couple but do keep your guests in mind. Send save the dates early so family and friends have time to prepare and plan vacation time.  As the wedding day arrives, make sure you are in Italy a few days before your guests so you can be on hand to welcome them as they arrive. 

Don’t try to do everything alone

When planning a destination wedding it is unrealistic to travel back and forth several times in order to make the big and small decisions. Instead, it is much easier to have someone on the ground to help. Hire a wedding planner who has plenty of experience organizing weddings locally. A wedding planner for Italy will know the best and most reliable suppliers and be able to deal with any language barriers. It will give you and your partner more time to enjoy the build up and the day itself. 

Don’t choose a remote location

When choosing your dream venue in Italy, make sure that it is easily accessible. Select a location where there are regular and direct flights. Ensure there are a variety of accommodation options available to cater for different budgets. 

Don’t limit celebrations to just one day

Your guests will likely have to travel a great distance to attend your wedding and so don’t limit the celebrations to just one day. Plan an arrival dinner to welcome guests before the wedding day itself. This is a great way to introduce family and friends that have not yet met. The wedding day itself can be busy. The bride and groom will be in demand, getting photographs taken and other formalities. Therefore, schedule a BBQ or an al fresco meal at a local restaurant on the second day to allow for a more relaxed opportunity to mingle with your guests. 

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