Styles of Bottom Gussets for Stand Up Pouches

We all love stand up pouches because they are durable, look pretty and easily stockable. Your customers probably love them too! But what are some styles? Bottom gussets are actually fundamental to any stand up pouch if you did not know. They enable the pouch to expand and stand on its own, making it convenient to store and display things. But did you know that bottom gussets for stand-up pouches come in a variety of styles? Let’s look at some of the most popular styles in more detail.

K-Style Gusset

Let’s start with a very popular gusset type you have seen. K-Style gusset is a popular choice for stand-up pouches because it has a wider base and more stability than other gusset patterns. The material is folded into the inside of the bag and this  generates a flat bottom that expands into a “K” shape when the pouch is filled to create this gusset. Is it familiar? Probably so.

Plow Bottom Gusset

Our second gusset is another very famous one you have probably seen. This gusset, like the K-style gusset, has a fold which helps it form a bottom that is flat.. This format is commonly used for things that require a higher quantity, such as laundry detergent or bulk food items.

Round Bottom Gusset

And there are round bottom gussets you can use, which helps the pouch to stand on its own. This type is frequently used for items like gels or soft food you can think of, because they are good for keeping them. The round bottom gusset also looks more seamless and many customers actually love this look. This is because it can be more visually pleasing.

Flat Bottom Gusset

Finally, flat bottom gussets are kind of a newer form of gusset that has grown in popularity in recent years. This gusset is all about a flat bottom, which improves stability and makes the bag simpler to stack and store. You can use flat bottom gussets for bigger items like coffee or pet food.

Depending on the sort of product you are packing, each gusset design provides distinct benefits and advantages. With stand up pouches wholesale UK, you can get the pouch type you need easily for your business. Understanding the many varieties of bottom gussets available allows you to select the best choice to fit your individual packaging demands.


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