Joyita Mondal- First Transgender Judge

Joyita Mondal was a West Bengali transgender judge in india. She is the most well-known Bengali Transwoman member of a civil court’s judicial panel.

Gender Discrimination

India is known for its diversity of race, region, and caste. These words are not applicable to Transgenders who were born in the same country as us. Despite having equal rights, society treated them as extraterrestrial objects.

Many accept this fact and then become prostitutes. A few individuals fight for what is rightfully theirs as citizens of the greatest nation anywhere in the world. Joyita Mondal is one such person who has been a leader in the development of the Transgender community. Joyita Mondal, a 29-year-old woman, was born in Kolkata. 


Joyita Mondal was a West Bengali Transwoman who was born in India. Mondal founded Dinajpur Notun Alo, which helps thousands of people in her locality. After class 10, Mondal dropped out of school and slept on bus stops, while begging on the streets.

She completed her correspondence studies and earned a law degree. She was the first transgender person in her district to obtain a voter’s ID in 2010. Mondal, along with other transgender people from her district, helped to create a home for HIV-positive older adults and formed patient welfare committees.

She became the first transgender Lok Adalat judge from West Bengal, India on 8 July 2017. In North Dinajpur, she was elected to the office of Lok Adalat judge at Islampur. Some of her first cases were involving the collection of bank loans.

She was subject to social norms and slept through the night

As she was born a man, Joyonto was initially named “Joyonto”. Her fate as a transgender child made it difficult for her to identify herself in society. Jyothi was unable to endure the verbal bullying and the gender norms set by her community. 

Joyita left her family in 2009 to go to Dinajpur. She claimed that her parents told her she had a job there, and that she never came back. After leaving her family, she suffered terrible sleepless nights and a starving stomach. Even though she was willing to pay, hotels wouldn’t provide her with food or lodging.

She is a social worker

After that, she started working in an office at Rs.5000/-, and began to meet LGBT people. After several years, she founded Nai Roshni for Dinajpur, an NGO for the LGBT community, and began fighting for their rights.

After her success with her NGO in Islampur, she decided to extend her support to all people regardless of their community or the odds they face. Together with her NGO members, she worked on various social issues that helped her build a strong relationship with the District Level Government.

She was a respected and popular transgender judge at the Lok Adalat Civil Court because of her efforts for the welfare of society. She assumed the role of the social worker in the Lok Adalat 3-Judge Lok Adalat bench, which consists of a judge and an advocate.

She didn’t let this be a reason to stop her fight against gender discrimination. She won’t stop fighting. This day will come when transgenders are integrated into mainstream society and can live with dignity.


Joyita Montal’s tale demonstrates that even though all odds are against you, your passion, stubbornness, and determination will make you the most successful person.

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