What type of visa do you need to study English in Australia?

If you want to study an English course in Australia you will need a visa that allows it. There are several visas that allow you to study English in Australia. It depends on how long you want to study or if you want to work while you study, you will need a visa or another.

Student visa for Australia

With the student visa you can study a course from 3 months to 5 years. In addition, this visa allows you to live and work legally, while you study. Therefore, if you want to study an English course and live your adventure in Australia for a while, the student visa is the best option.

On CatEight.com, you can fill in your student visa application form and submit your application via an agent.

Tourist visa for Australia

The tourist visa allows you to study an English course for a maximum of 3 months. This visa is ideal if your intention is to visit the country and take the opportunity to study English for a few weeks and improve your level. However, keep in mind that with this visa you will not be able to work while in Australia.

Work & Holiday Visa for Australia

If you are going to apply for the Work & Holiday visa or you already have it, but you would like to improve your level of English by studying a course when you arrive in Australia, with this visa you can do so for a maximum of 4 months. This will help you improve your English and become more confident when communicating, which will be an advantage in finding a job.

How much do English courses cost in Australia?

It is not easy to say an exact figure on how much an English course in Australia costs, since it depends on the school, the city, the study program and its duration. 

However, you must add other important expenses, such as the cost of accommodation, transport, shopping, telephone charges and knowing, more or less, what the cost of living is in Australia, to take into account how much money you need to save for your adventure in Australia . Remember that with the student visa you can work while you study, so the initial investment will be worth it, since salaries in Australia are quite high and you will be able to support yourself perfectly.

How to study an English course in Australia?

If you have already made the decision to go to Australia for a while to study an English course, CatEight.com will help you with the whole process! You can search for English schools across  Australia and view each English course’s details, like the tuition, entry requirements, duration, intake month, and more. You can also find a proffessional agent to help you manage your course application. We guarantee personalized advice on the city, the school and the type of course that best suits your needs. The agents can help you with the visa application too.

So, what are you waiting for to join the adventure of learning English and Australian culture?

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