Top 5 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Milwaukee

If you didn’t know Milwaukee is considered to be a global city that is vital to the global economic network. There are many career opportunities and hundreds of small businesses. Let’s talk about some of the best industries for entrepreneurs in the city of Milwaukee.

The Technology Sector

We all keep saying that “technology is the future”, and that’s because, well, it is. We still have no idea how far we can advance with how rapidly technology advances daily. We’re makers of machines constantly running algorithms, gathering data points on every human, and creating access to money at your fingertips. If you are someone who studies this or is a seasoned business administrator, you’ll love Milwaukee.

Johnson Controls is a company that provides security, HVAC, and fire equipment for buildings. Brady Corporation is a manufacturer of technical equipment and services for the workplace. There are even more companies that are well integrated into the technology industry that are headquartered here.

Financial Services

When the market is prevalent in a city, you can bet that there will be banks, investors and financial managers to choose from. Many smaller firms are started with just an interest in working for themselves. If you happen to have experience and just looking to get in with a good company, there are a handful to choose from.

Baird Investment Bank, Marshall & Ilsley, and MGIC Investments all have headquarters in Milwaukee. If you’re not looking at being at a firm or bank, Harley Davidson is headquartered here as well. Almost every industry needs people to look at their finances and manage them for the better of the company.


We’re not sure if fishermen would be looking at Milwaukee houses for sale or houseboats for sale. However, Lake Michigan is a huge attraction for fishermen. There are about 150 tribe-licensed commercial fishing operations in the Chippewa-Ottawa Resource Authority. The most popular fish that comes out of Lake Michigan is whitefish.

If fishing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of work at the docks. The Port of Milwaukee handles over 2 million metric tons of cargo through its ports every year. The Secor Lake Michigan is used by the United States Coast Guard.

Other Water Sports

Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes are a huge attraction for the communities around these massive waters. Perhaps you have some ideas on kayaking, surfing, or other sporting industries. We think Milwaukee would be a perfect place to settle down while you work on your inventions. Even if you aren’t working on a patent, water sports are a central part of this area.

Perhaps you just love the water and want to work where you can enjoy it every day. There are plenty of employment opportunities throughout the lake. Maybe one day you’ll be waxing surfboards and the next you can have your board shop!

Work From Home

Many young professionals now work strictly from their computers. From coding and advanced tech to those answering customer service calls, the future is full of flexible working. This is beneficial for those who enjoy travel or need flexibility because of other commitments. If this is your ballpark, then you’ll love Milwaukee. Chill on the Lake with your laptop creating your code or software, then jump on your jetski to coast through the bay.

We think that whatever your profession, you should be able to enjoy the city of Milwaukee. There are plenty of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of. Plan our trip to witness the fun in Wisconsin for yourself!

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