On-Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO is optimizing each of the pages on your website one by one to the finest detail and equipping them with search engine compatible content. It is aimed to increase your organic traffic as much as possible by analyzing the sector, target audience, keywords, and your website, and to increase it higher in the rankings of Google, Yandex, and all other search engines. As a result of all on-site work, a website that uses high-quality and optimized codes will increase the number of your customers and your business potential.

At the same time, making on-site SEO arrangements minimizes other actions you will take to promote your business. Because a high-quality site that is well optimized in searches will make the customer notice you and provide the opportunity to see your products and services first hand.

What Should Be Considered in On-Site SEO Services?

  • Domain age, site history, and how many years the domain registration period has been made,
  • Whether the site is Blacklisted or not,
  • Quality, location, and security of the server used,
  • Server and IP of your site,
  • The software infrastructure of the site, written in clean code, optimized according to W3C criteria and SEO friendly,
  • Targeting the user experience of the site interface design (web design),
  • Being mobile compatible and having an SSL certificate,
  • Site contents and images are original,
  • Keeping the content and visual entries of the site up-to-date in a stable manner, as well as the number of words, spelling compatibility, and satisfaction of the user as information,
  • Regular and qualified bookmarking of site publications on social media and similar platforms,
  • The opening speed of the web page must comply with the Google Page Speed ​​criteria.
  • In addition, parameters such as the visitor’s stay on the site and the rate of transition to different pages should be considered and paid attention to in terms of on-page SEO.

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