How To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

One of the most viable ways to make money online is to create an online course. Creating online courses is a source of passive income. However, you should do everything correctly, of course.

How To Sell Online Courses?

How to sell online courses? Well, if this question strikes your mind then here is the answer.

There are two ways of selling your online courses:

  1. Through online course marketplace. These are the platforms for selling courses.
  2. Through your own website.

This article focuses on the latter.

How To Sell Courses From Your Own Website?

To sell courses from your website, you need to focus on the following things:

  • Determine a Niche

Many people who start online courses fail miserably. One of the main reasons is that they were unable to locate the appropriate niche.

Online courses are designed to help people address difficulties. Your course must address a problem that people face. It could be anything from personality development to baking a cake.

You should utilize your strength in a way that meets the demand of your target audience. 

To acquire a flawless notion, ask the following questions.

  • What do I excel at? 
  • What is it that I am enthusiastic about?
  • What subject is my expertise in?
  • Create the Course

Create a simple and easy to understand course. Try to avoid overstuffing because this will make the learners overwhelmed.

Make a structure for your course and then organise everything around it. Your key aims and outcomes should be included in your framework. Then, for each outcome, list the individual lessons that contribute to accomplishing it.

Then consider the most efficient method of delivering your content. Learn about different learning styles so you can provide your learners with the finest instruction possible.

  • Build Your Website

You will need a website. Create a simple to use, SEO-friendly, and capable of high conversion rates. Your website should also be adaptable to match your branding.

  • Payment Method

You must be able to take payments for your online courses in a secure and safe manner. In exchange for a tiny portion of purchases, payment methods such as PayPal or any UPI or any other way suitable for you should be added. However, make sure that you are aware of the laws and procedures.


Creating and selling online courses requires a lot of hard work and effort. Selling the courses through your own website requires a little more investment than selling them through other platforms. However, it is up to your choice and future goals. You can also use both ways for selling. 

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