Pepperoni Pizza vs. Sausage Pizza vs. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza: What’s Your Pick?

When it comes to pizza, there is a wide variety to choose from. Not only do most places let you choose the type of crust, but there are also different sauces besides the traditional red sauce. And then there are the toppings. Some pizza places only have a limited number of toppings to choose from, but at Papa Johns, there are many varying ones you can add to your pizza.

However, some people still prefer the basics, like sausage or pepperoni pizza. And then there are those risk-takers who like to try unique combinations, such as the Philly cheesesteak pizza. No matter which you prefer, you cannot go wrong, and with Papa Johns quick delivery service, carryout option, and order ahead feature, you can get your pizza in a variety of ways.

Spice Up Your Meal

The two most popular pizza toppings are pepperoni and sausage, and you really cannot go wrong with either one. Both are favorite Italian staples, both add a bit of a spicy kick, and both are a type of sausage, but there are some differences. Pepperoni is made from cured pork and beef, while sausage is ground pork mixed with a variety of seasonings, including fennel.

When it comes to pizza at Papa Johns, pepperoni comes sliced, while the sausage is crumbled. Most people choose a traditional red sauce with either topping choice, but that does not mean you could not mix it up and order BBQ or even spicy buffalo sauce. Whether you choose pepperoni or sausage pizza delivery, your tastebuds will thank you.

Bringing You Back to Philly

Now, if you are more of a risk taker and love bold flavors, you may prefer the philly cheesesteak pizza. Unlike the traditional pepperoni or sausage, this pizza starts with a Philly sauce instead of red sauce. It is then topped with cheese, steak, onions, and green peppers. If you have ever had a Philly sandwich or are from the City of Brotherly Love, this will bring you right back.

Choose Your Crust

Along with choosing your favorite toppings, you also get to choose your favorite crust when you place your order. You can go with the delicious original crust, which is made with quality ingredients and hand tossed, or you can spread your wings. If you like a little less dough, go for the thin crust, which is a little bit crispy. If you want to feel like you are in the Big Apple, try the New York style crust, which has eight foldable slices of oversized and hand-stretched dough.

One of the extremely popular crusts at Papa Johns is the epic stuffed crust. Melty cheese is incorporated into the edges of the original dough, and the result is a gooey, cheesy-filled slice. Now, if your pick for pizza is pepperoni, and you love cheese, you need to try the pepperoni stuffed crust, but it is only available for a limited time. Finally, if you are avoiding gluten, you too can enjoy pizza when you order the gluten free crust. See, there is something for everyone!

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