A Detailed Report On Profits And Losses Of Hero Fincorp

Hero Fincorp is India’s leading non-banking finance company located in New Delhi. It is an associate company of Hero MotoCorp. The company mainly engages in consumer finance and commercial lending that covers a large customer base. Hero FinCorp Pvt Limited is an unlisted company incorporated on 16 December 1991. Its authorised capital stands at Rs 2,300, and the total amount of paid-up capital is Rs 2,127 crore. 

The operating revenue of Hero FinCorp touched down Rs 500 crore with a positive profit percentage in the last few years. However, the company’s balance sheet includes the profits and losses made in the previous financial years. Since it is a company limited by shares, a large number of investors are interested in Hero FinCorp unlisted shares. This post will share a detailed report on Hero FinCorp on profits and losses.

Profit And Loss Of Hero FinCorp Limited

Over the last few years, the net income of Hero FinCorp increased by -208%. On the other hand, its revenue increased by 12.51%, giving the company an extra edge in the finance market. Talking about its sales come largely from lending money to commercial clients; there is a good growth of 15.67% which is estimated at around Rs. 1210 crore. 

However, in the last quarter of March 2022, Hero FinCorp profit declined by 61.40 % to Rs 51.80 crore, while its previous year’s profit was Rs. 144 crore. The net loss reported in the financial year of 2022 was Rs. 194 crore against the net profit of Rs. 71 crore at the end of March 2022. In the last few years, Hero FinCorp’s profit and loss before tax was Rs. 5244 crore in FY2018, while it was Rs. 3250 crore in FY2022. 

Based on the company’s financial report, it recorded profit and loss after tax of Rs 2473 crore in FY2022 and Rs. 3693 crore in FY2018. Here is the detailed report of Hero FinCorp profits and losses in the last five years:

Profit and Loss of Hero FinCorp( Rs Cr.) March 2018 March 2019 March 2022 March 2021 March 2022
Total Revenue 32,756  34,341  29,614  31,380  29802 
Total expenses 27,512  29,331  25,718  27,480 26.552
Profit/Loss Before Tax 5,244 5,010 4,573 3,900 3,250
Total Tax Expenses 1,546 1.625 940 936 777
Profit/Loss After Tax 3,697 3,384 3,633 2,964 2,473
Profit/Loss from Operations 3,697 3,384 3,633 2,924 2,473
Profit/Loss For Period 3,697 3,384 3,633 2,964 2,473
Profit/Loss On premium services 2,987 2,6,98 2,234 2,098 1,098
Current Tax 1,446 1,601 1,084 924 797
Earning per share Rs 186 Rs 169 Rs 181 Rs 148 Rs 123
Dividend Percentage 4,750% 4,350% 4,500% 5,350% 4,750%


The above-detailed data on profit and loss in the last few years gives you an idea about a company’s performance. Hero FinCorp Pre-IPO shares showed growth and provided an excellent opportunity for retail investors. Since it is an unlisted company that will launch its IPO in the future, investing in Hero FinCorp unlisted shares is a great option to make good returns.

About Hero FinCorp Unlisted Shares

There is no doubt that Hero FinCorp is one the best non-banking financial-based companies extending its services in the retail and as well as the commercial marketplace. The company earns a good profit based on the report of its profit and loss. It is a positive sign for investors to put their money in Hero FinCorp unlisted shares. If we look at the company’s financials, it has around 4000 available unlisted shares with a face value of Rs 10. The details of Hero FinCorp financials for the year 2022 are shown below:

Particulars in Cr FY 2022
PAT Growth -373%
Equity Capital 127.31
Dividend 8.3%
Net Worth 4,838
Change in operating cost 36%


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