What Is the 3-3-3 Rule for Anxiety?

Everyone feels anxious at one time or another. Anxiety is a normal response to life’s stressors. But when anxiety becomes persistent and impedes your ability to function, it may be a sign that you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Treatment options for anxiety disorders range from mindfulness techniques to cognitive behavioral therapy and medication. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, your treatment plan may include a combination of options.

Whether you have mild or severe anxiety, you can benefit from having a toolbox of coping strategies and natural alternatives to anxiety medication to manage your condition.

3 Things You Can See, Hear and Move

Grounding techniques, such as the 3-3-3 Rule, are simple, yet effective practices designed to relax your body, find your calm and regain control of your thoughts and emotions. The 3-3-3 Rule engages the senses of sight, sound and touch to distract your mind from racing and stressful thoughts and shift you from feeling panicky to being centered. Try this technique using the following steps:

1. Look

Pause to notice three concrete things around you. Observe them closely and name them. Use sensory details to carefully process what you see. For example, if you are looking at a tree, pay attention to the colors and shapes of the leaves, the size of the trunk and the pattern of lines etched into the bark.

2. Listen

Focus on three sounds you can hear and name them. Listen intently to absorb the nuances of each sound. Concentrate on isolating sound qualities such as pitch, tone, volume and rhythm.

3. Move

Last, move three parts of your body. Stretch your arms, roll your neck, wiggle your toes. Pay close attention to each movement and recognize how it makes you feel physically.

You don’t have to wait until you’re overwhelmed with anxiety before trying this out. Regularly practicing the 3-3-3 Rule teaches you to recalibrate your mindset and stay focused on the present.

Grounding Techniques

When you experience distress, grounding techniques keep you anchored to the present instead of letting you succumb to a sea of negative thoughts. Physical grounding techniques such as focused breathing or yoga, helps your body return to a relaxed state. You can visit Breathwrk’s website to learn more about how breathing exercises can help you in so many ways. Cognitive grounding techniques such as listening to soft music or reciting a mantra, mindfully distract you, allowing you to address the source of your anxiety when you’re in a better frame of mind.

Grounding techniques, together with homeopathic over the counter calming pills, give your anxiety a one-two punch so you can pull through those stressful moments.

Take Control of Your Anxiety

Many individuals with anxiety disorders are hesitant to rely on prescription drugs for fear of developing a dependency, experiencing harmful side effects or struggling for months to find the right dosage. In response to these concerns, scientists and behaviorists have developed non prescription anxiety medication that safely and effectively manages symptoms of anxiety.

Get ahead of your anxiety by exploring natural over-the-counter medication and by utilizing the 3-3-3 Rule along with other grounding techniques. 

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