Unique Jewelry for Christians

While it is a means to beautify your appearance, jewelry holds other significant importance for many religions. It can be a means for them to express and showcase their beliefs. Christians fall under the same category.

For the longest time, Christians have worn jewelry other than the purpose of fashion. Many of the Christian pieces represent their belief and are a reminder of their faith for them. Hence, a specific type of jewelry plays a significant role for those who follow the teachings of Christ.

While there are different styles and designs that you wear to elevate your outfits, there are various pieces and designs that represent different beliefs and faith in Christianity. You, though, might be aware only of Cross; there are other more unique pieces in Christian jewelry too. Moreover, if you are curious why the people of this religion wear jewelry pieces, then we have the answer for that too.

Why do Christians wear Jewelry?

While the pieces are delicate and beautiful and can be worn without any purpose, too, most Christians wear them for a purpose. Some feel a closer connection to God with a statement piece representing their faith, while others wear it to declare their religion to the world openly. Some believe it is a great way to draw people towards them, start a conversation, and let them know about their faith and following. 

If you ever have seen someone wearing a cross sign and have been intrigued by it, we would like to tell you that there are other more similar pieces like it too. If you want to know about them, you have come to the right place because we have gathered a bunch of unique Christian Jewelry, and all you need to know about it.

  • Crucifix: 

Crucifix is the most common Christian Jewelry other than the cross. You might have seen many people wear it as a necklace, and it is often found dangling on their neck with a chain. While it resembles a cross, Crucifix has a major difference from it. While the cross has a simple cross-feature, the crucifix has an image of Christ along with the cross.

The crucifix is primarily available on a neck chain or as an earring. However, most people opt for the chain option because it is always dangling near your heart, within your vision reminding you of your faith, eventually preventing you from any wrongdoings.

  • Angels:

Angels symbols are one of the most popular pieces in Christian Jewelry. Angels are the messengers from heaven and the guardians of humans, and hence many Christians wear their representation in the form of jewelry. The angel is usually depicted in a female version with two wings and a halo. It gives the Christian wearer a feeling of protection from the heavens.

Angel jewelry is mostly common in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and is also available in brooches. While it is available in various options, gold diamond angel pendants that are suitable for modern necklaces are mostly opted for. However, some people opt out of it in the thought of how to clean cloudy diamonds.

  • The Anchor:

You must be thinking, how is the anchor related to faith or Christianity, right? Though it is not directly related or is something of faith, the anchor has been mentioned in the Bible as a synonym for hope. Hence, many Christian pieces of jewelry symbolize this particular piece. 

The anchor is a symbolic representation of faith and commitment to those of faith. It gives them hope that the calm land will soon arrive despite the troubling waters. The anchor is usually worn as bracelets or in chains by many people.

  • Doves:

Doves are a symbol of peace all around the world. While it also relates to the story of how the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus during his baptism, it most commonly is equated to love and peace among people despite their race or religion. It is a continuous reminder for those who wear it that no one is different and everyone deserves love in this world.

It comes in some cute earring pieces, bracelets, necklaces, or other different jewelry too.

  • Word and Prayers:

While symbols are definitely attractive pieces in jewelry, many people opt for a specific word that shouts their belief or faith or a prayer or verse from the Holy Book. 

These words or prayers are usually found embedded in some great pieces of rings or necklaces.

  • The Ichthus: 

The Ichthus, which means Fish, has several incidents related to it, making it of utmost importance in Christianity. To start, Jesus Christ himself mentioned, “Be fishers of men,” other than this, it is associated with the fishermen who followed Jesus. 

Moreover, it has long been a sign which gives Christian their identity. How so? When Christians were brutally murdered in the olden days, they used a fish sign to identify those of the same religion.

The Ichthus is available in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings too.


Christian Jewelry, while delicate and beautiful, is hardly worn for fashion purposes. Most Christians wear it as their ancestors did in the olden times, symbolizing faith and belief.

Hence it is essential for most people who do not follow the same religion but are intrigued by it to wear it for the same purpose. If you wanted to know about Christian Jewelry and were interested in finding out what each symbol meant and what designs and ways it is available, we hope this article was of great help to you.

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