Top 4 Forex Trading Assets For Indian Traders

Every currency in the world is traded on the largest decentralized global market, known as foreign exchange. India has the world’s most active currency exchange market. The popularity of forex trading in India has been rising in recent years, and traders can choose from a wide range of assets when looking to trade in the Indian market. However, selecting the best asset to trade can be challenging. Therefore, traders need to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of each asset before making a choice. 

The greatest assets to trade while trading forex in India will be covered in this tutorial, along with some advice on choosing.

1. Currency Pairs

A global forex market is where different currency pairings worth trillions of dollars are traded daily. A pair of currencies is referred to as a “currency combination.” The base currency is the first, while the quote currency is the second. You will use the quote to purchase the base currency when trading currencies.

The USD is one of the most traded currencies in the forex market. No doubt, the USD wins hands down when it comes to serving as both a base currency and a quote currency. In the forex market, a significant currency pair experiences the highest trading activity (volume) and liquidity. The best forex broker in India in the market offers major currencies that mostly rely on the USD as a base or quotation, making it a pillar of the global economy.

The principal currency pairs available for trading in India are:-

  • USD/JPY 

The exchange of currencies, particularly the US dollar (USD) and the Indian rupee (INR) are among India’s most popular forms of trading. The USD/INR pair, which reflects the exchange rate between the two currencies, is one of the most frequently traded currency pairs provided by most top rated forex brokers for trading. This couple is impacted by several variables, including the nation’s economic performance, interest rates, and political happenings. Additionally, forex traders in India frequently use additional currency pairs that include the rupee, such as EUR/INR and GBP/INR, which several Indian forex brokers offer.

2. Gold

Gold is another asset that is frequently traded in India. Precious metal is often considered a safe-haven asset, and India is one of the top purchasers of gold. Therefore, changes in gold prices may have a big effect on the Indian economy. Gold can be traded through futures contracts or gold-based currency pairs like XAU/USD (gold vs. the US dollar). Numerous variables, including the state of the global economy, interest rates, and political developments, can affect gold prices.

3. Commodities

Another asset that is included in trade is a commodity. A common item to trade among Indian traders is oil. The Indian economy is highly dependent on oil prices since the nation imports a great deal of oil. Trading oil, however, can be a difficult task, so Indian traders must be knowledgeable about the variables that drive oil prices as well as the political and economic circumstances that can impact the oil market.

4. Stock Indices

An index measures how well a set of shares have performed on an exchange. By trading indices, you can gain exposure to an entire industry or economy by opening only one trade. Another well-liked trading instrument in India is stock indices. Trading in stock indices like the Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex can be a wonderful way to expose oneself to the Indian economy due to the size and diversity of the country’s stock market. However, the dangers of stock trading, such as market volatility and company-specific hazards, must be understood.


An economic resource that can be owned or managed to generate a profit or other future benefit is called an asset. In trading, the term “asset” refers to items traded on markets, such as stocks, bonds, currency, or commodities. You must be informed of the many possibilities accessible in the forex market because choosing one of these assets is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your profitability as a trader.

A huge variety of assets are available for trading in the financial sector. Stocks, money, bonds, commodities, futures, and options are a few of the most popular financial instruments. To choose the best assets to trade, it’s important to do in-depth research and analysis. It’s also important to keep an eye on market changes to prevent losses. With the right approach and a solid option, you will undoubtedly succeed.

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