How to Keep Your Skin Moisturised in 2022

In the second half of 2022, the world will be a very different place. The sun will be bluer, the air will be cleaner, and your skin will be moisturised. Well, maybe not exactly in that order. But one thing is for sure – if you want to keep your skin looking good this year, you’re going to need to start moisturising it now. In this guide, we’ll discuss why keeping your skin moisturised is so important, and we’ll give you some tips on how to do it!

Why is Moisturising So Important?

Starting with the basics, moisturising is important because it helps to keep your skin hydrated. This is important for two reasons; firstly, it keeps your skin looking plump and healthy, and secondly, it helps to protect your skin from the elements.

When your skin is properly moisturised, it forms a barrier that helps to lock in moisture and keep out environmental pollutants and irritants. This is critical because it means that your skin is less likely to become dry, cracked, or irritated.

With all these benefits in mind, you end up maintaining a youthful appearance and all your friends will be asking about your skincare routine. 

Tips for Moisturised Skin 

So, how do you keep your skin moisturised? Here are some tips! 

Use Natural Face Moisturisers – Have you ever had a friend ask you to try this natural face moisturiser? Well, you should listen to them. Natural face moisturisers are packed with ingredients that your skin will love. For example, this includes aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba oil. 

Avoid Hot Showers – We know how tempting it is to stay in a hot shower for hours on end (especially in winter!), but this can actually strip your skin of its natural oils. So, try to avoid hot showers and stick to lukewarm water instead. When your skin loses its natural oils, it becomes dry and irritated. 

Drink Plenty of Water – This one is a no-brainer; drinking lots of water helps to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. If you’re not a fan of plain water, try adding some lemon or cucumber slices to jazz it up. 

Limit Your Alcohol Intake – We all know that alcohol can dehydrate the body, and this includes your skin. If you want to keep your skin looking its best, it’s important to limit your alcohol intake. While a glass of wine after a long week of work won’t have a lasting impact, you shouldn’t make it a daily habit.

Use a Humidifier – Running a humidifier in your home or office can help to add moisture back into the air, which will in turn help to keep your skin from drying out. This is especially helpful in the winter when the air is particularly dry. While this is something that not many people know about, it can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin.

Don’t Scrub Yourself Dry – Lastly, when you get out of the shower, resist the urge to scrub yourself dry with a towel. Instead, gently pat your skin dry and then apply a moisturiser while your skin is still damp. This will help to lock in the moisture and keep your skin from drying out.

By following these simple tips, you can help to keep your skin moisturised and looking its best in 2022. Give them a try and see for yourself how well they work. You may be surprised at the difference they can make! 

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