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WPS files are Word Processor documents that evolved from Microsoft Works. Similar to DOC format but lacking advanced formatting options and macros, WPS files offer minimal flexibility.

WPS files can be converted to more sophisticated formats like PDF using various online and desktop software applications.


WPS PDF tools are free and user-friendly. They enable you to convert files between formats, edit, merge, split, compress, sign and watermark PDF documents online.

PDF files are electronic documents that look just like their paper counterpart, with fonts and colors preserved. They can be opened by almost any device or modern web browser without special software required.

Adobe Systems created the PDF file format as a convenient way to share documents online. It is compatible with many operating systems and devices, and can be edited using applications such as Adobe Reader.

Easy to use

PDF to Excel converter WPS PDF tools are compatible with Microsoft Office, enabling teams to convert Word files into editable format. Furthermore, these programs enable teams to remove watermarks, compress documents and add comments.

Additionally, it enables users to design attractive forms. It supports various output file formats like Excel, Word, PPT, HTML and eBooks.

Conversion is straightforward and doesn’t degrade the original document’s quality. Furthermore, users can perform various operations such as removing digital signatures or passwords and altering reading backgrounds with ease.

How to Convert a PDF File to Excel?

Converting a PDF file to Excel is one of the simplest methods for creating an electronic spreadsheet from an electronic document. Be sure to use software which maintains the original layout, formatting and images from the original file when doing this conversion.

To achieve the most accurate conversion of PDF files into other formats, the WPS pdf tools are the ideal solution. These free tools offer a comprehensive selection of options for converting PDFs to Excel and other popular file types.

These free pdf tools allow you to convert your PDFs to Excel without losing any essential information. You may even email the converted file to others or save it onto your computer for future reference.

When using online conversion services, be aware of security risks. Furthermore, avoid uploading complex files as this will make the conversion process take longer and possibly pause without warning.

Compatible with Microsoft Office

One major advantage of WPS PDF tools is their compatibility with Microsoft Office. This is essential if you need to convert documents into Excel spreadsheets without using third-party software.

WPS (Windows Postscript) is an old file format from Microsoft Works word processing program that’s still popular on many business computers. It resembles DOC file type but lacks advanced formatting features and macros found in Word documents.

If you need to convert a WPS file to PDF, an online tool makes the conversion process incredibly straightforward: select your WPS file and choose your desired conversion method.

The process is effortless, so you can convert your files in no time. The tool provides various options such as splitting or merging your documents and editing them however desired.


If you need to convert your PDF document to Excel, WPS PDF tool is the ideal solution. These free-of-charge solutions are user friendly and secure, so you can trust their services with complete assurance.

You can use this software to edit PDF files, merge or split them, and extract pages and images. Furthermore, it provides a number of other features not found in other tools.

Additionally, it allows you to compress your files for faster transfer. Furthermore, you have complete control over the format and layout of your final document.

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