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Graduate Record Exam is an exam conducted by the Educational Testing Service for students who wish to apply for admission into postgraduate and Ph.D., primarily in the United States of America. Besides seeking admission, it is also used to avail of a merit-based fellowship in renowned institutions across the world. 

Coaching for the same is available in both offline and online setups. There are different reasons why people choose either of them. You can make up your mind about which kind of coaching you wish to enroll in according to your preference. We shall help you by listing out parameters to know how to find the best among all.

Offline Coaching

  • In Proximity

The first parameter of good GRE coaching should be that it lies in your proximity. If you can’t find a good coaching institute nearby the place where you live, then live near a coaching institute. Accommodation is usually rented in areas that house coaching centers. Proximity to the center will save travel time. You will not have to fear missing out on a class because of traffic on the road. Plus, traveling is a tiring affair. If you take more than an hour to reach your center, half your energy will be drained right before you start to study. Hence, keep proximity in mind while you are hunting for good GRE coaching.

  • Capacity

Next in line is the capacity of the classroom of the center as compared to the admissions they have taken. To cut infrastructural costs and increase their revenue, most coaching centers teach a batch of 100+ students at a time, that too in a cramped classroom. Students sitting on the backbenches rarely ever get to listen to what the teacher is teaching. Hence, when you talk to the person in charge of admitting the students to the coaching, get these things cleared beforehand. Ask about the capacity of each classroom and whether it has good ventilation and air conditioning. Also, confirm the strength of the batch you are going to study in. not more than 50 students should be entertained.

  • Resources Provided

Coaching institutes are not just about the teaching-learning process, they also need to provide you with resources to practice. Once, you have covered a topic, you should practice some questions on that part so that your understanding gets cemented. The institute should provide you with practice books to facilitate this process. Not just practice books, but course books should also be provided so that students can revise topics at their convenience. Sometimes, if they miss some classes, they should not be at a loss. The most important resource is mock tests and sectional practice tests. Mocks at regular intervals are the key to success in the GRE.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

To find the best GRE coaching, make sure to have a cost-benefit analysis. Visit at least 3 to 4 institutes and note down the fees charged and the services offered. This will give you an idea of the estimated average cost of GRE coaching. Then you can compare the price of each with the kinds of services offered. Choose the one that covers the whole GRE course besides giving you regular tests. The prices don’t always have to be too high, but do not fall into the trap of those charging extremely low fees.

Online Coaching

  • Time Flexibility

Most people today prefer online classes because of the comfort they offer in timing. GRE is taken not just by students but also by people who are engaged in jobs. Hence, offline coaching becomes a difficult task for them. So, when such people search for the best GRE coaching they should make it a point to enroll in one that gives them the flexibility of time. The flexibility of time does not mean that the teacher will teach you at the time you prefer. Rather, you should be able to access the recording of the class at your preferred time. The recording must be available within a short period, most likely within 24 hours.

  • Resources

Resources are an important part of the coaching package. A set of course books and practice books must be made available to each student enrolled with the coaching institute. These books need to be curated well to suit the needs of students, with exhaustive explanations of topics and enough exercises to practice. Mocks in a real-time experience should also be made available. 

  • Analysis of the Performance

Online coaching should also provide regular reports about your preparation. Since the system works on the robust internet knowledge, analyzing the mocks and practice sessions for you should not be a difficult task for them. A weekly report of how many tests you solved should also be provided. The portal that acts as the interface between you and the institute should be in shape to be able to provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly targets as well. These are a few relatively new features that every coaching institute must have to keep their students in check. It is a way to ensure that people do not go lazy and are motivated enough throughout the journey.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

It is another important parameter that has to be checked for online coaching as well. Use the same strategy to find good GRE coaching in the online format as discussed above. Online coaching shall be less expensive than offline one. That is another reason why people are preferring online coaching these days.


To be sure that you find the best GRE coaching, look for its reviews online. Even if the coaching is offline, it should be listed with a good business directory on the search engines. Students would have given reviews about it there. Institutes that have been doing well will provide you with reviews themselves. Testimonies of former students of the institute will make a place either on the walls or on the portal of these institutes. Past year results should also be able to tell you about the efficacy of an institute in the field. The primary focus should be on completing the GRE course. Also, look for institutes that offer refunds if you don’t like their services.

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