Boy William Regrets He Can’t Invite His Late Famous Brother Like Himself

Feelings of grief still surround Boy William’s heart over the death of his younger brother, Raymond Hartanto , due to a single accident in Yogyakarta in September 2019.

Besides, regret still looms over Boy William. The reason is, when his younger brother was alive, Boy had not had much time to spend together. In fact, he had always considered his sister as his only friend.

This confession was conveyed directly by Boy William while undergoing a hypnotic thetechboy process by Uya Kuya . Many things were discussed including regrets and things about his late sister.

“I just miss it. I miss having friends on my side,” Boy replied when Uya Kuya was hypnotized, as can be seen through Uya Kuya TV’s Youtube channel, Tuesday (13/7/2021).

Asked if Boy had any other hdhub4u friends, he shook his head. Implying that his late sister was the only friend who understood him.

Boy expressed regret because his younger brother during his life did not feel the life his brother is currently living.

“Why don’t I invite him to have fun in my new life… Famous… So famous people have quite a lot of privileges,” said Boy William.

Boy William Menyesal Tak Bisa Ajak Mendiang Adik Terkenal Seperti Dirinya

Even though you can follow him
“Why didn’t I invite him, instead I just left him at that time to work on normal people things . Meanwhile, he could come with me,” Boy revealed.

Message to the late sister
Boy William also conveyed a message to his late brother who had already passed away.

“Have fun there. Wait. When I arrive, pick me up,” said Boy.

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