6 Best Colleges & Unis if You Want to Study Agriculture

Sometimes choosing a course to study at university can be a bit difficult. In this respect, American unis are your lucky ticket. They offer outstanding programs in almost every field. Universities in the US pride themselves on the best facilities and resources for their students. 

Regardless of what you intend to study, you have a wide range of programs in your specific field. If you have doubts about what course to choose, you can avail EssayPro writing service to structure your thoughts. This will help you analyze your options better.

But today, let’s talk about agriculture. Students studying it in the US have a distinct advantage over students studying elsewhere. Why? Because they have the opportunity to study in a country that is a world leader in agricultural science. After graduating from those programs, young people are able to apply this experience to work. They show an international level of training. This makes a successful career in the promising field of agriculture possible.

Read on if you want to find out about top educational institutions in the US. They train qualified agricultural specialists in accordance with:

    • The latest technologies
    • Principles of automation
    • And environmental friendliness. 

The knowledge of those is necessary for modern professionals.

Where Is The Best Place To Study Agriculture?

University of California Davis

Davis has a separate College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. No other institution in North America can compete with UC Davis in this field. Not only teaching but also extensive research take place on the basis of this college.

In addition, this school can boast of its own scientific centers, laboratories, and farms. The college offers students programs of all levels with 28 majors and 43 additional specializations:

    • animal husbandry
    • agriculture
    • ecology
    • biotechnology
    • horticulture
    • environmental policy analysis and planning
    • hydrology
    • landscape architecture
    • viticulture
    • wildlife science
    • biology
    • environmental science
    • animals and plants

UC Davis, among agricultural universities, is like Michael Jordan among basketball players. It’s definitely one of the best. And a great place to return to as an adult. The year of the foundation of this public land-grant university is 1959. Before that, it was operating as the main agricultural school in the UC system for 50 years.

UC Davis has about 35,000 students and is located in the west of Sacramento in the suburbs of Davis. What makes Davis a prime location for studying agricultural engineering, crop genetics, and related fields? The surrounding San Joaquin Valley is the answer. It is the agricultural goldmine of America. 

UC Davis has some impressive figures:

    • A student-faculty ratio of 20:1
    • A graduation rate of 84.6%.

What does its territory include?

    • A core campus located on the university quad;
    • A west campus (primarily for agricultural research and development).
    • A south campus that houses the Mondavi Center and Arboretum;

The school offers more than 80 graduate programs through world-renowned departments. The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing and UC Davis School of Medicine are good examples.

If you are carefully considering the financial side, this information will be valuable. In-state students pay much less than out-of-state students in tuition and fees.

Why is UC Davis known as the Public Ivy? It offers extensive research programs on campus and at local facilities. They are the California Raptor Center, the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, and the Bodega Marine Sanctuary.

UC Davis Student Government (ASUCD) is famous for funding entertainment programs. Good examples are Picnic Day, KDVS Student Radio, and The Entertainment Council. The last one annually hosts live musicians and traveling acts. ASUCD realizes how crucial it is to support students’ hobbies and interests. At the end of the day, it is also an important part of university life. 

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

It is a very large public four-year university in a small suburb. California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo is ranked no. 2 among regional universities in the West in the 2022 Best Colleges Rankings.

The year of the foundation of this public institution is 1901. Here are some more figures that can impress you. 

    • The campus size is 6,000 acres;
    • The number of programs in agriculture is 22;
    • The total enrollment is approximately 22,000 students.

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

What makes this public university in NY special? It is one of the eight educational institutions of the Ivy League. Businessman Ezra Cornell founded it in 1865.

Today, Cornell University has a very prestigious title. About 22,000 students study there every year. The university has 1,623 teachers. And do you know how many university graduates are Nobel laureates? 43!

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is a global leader in the areas of agricultural, life, environmental and social sciences. It has 16 academic departments and two schools. Its academic programming is challenging and rigorous. 

Humboldt State University

State University, named after Humboldt, offers nine agricultural programs. The total undergraduate enrollment is around 6,000. The location is rural, and the campus is 144 acres. 

The year of the foundation of this public institution is 1913. It uses a semester-based academic calendar. Humboldt State University is ranked 30th in the 2022 Best Colleges. Therefore, it deserves the title of a top agricultural institution.

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Here are some reasons to choose Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Affordability is reason number one. Reason number two: a smooth transition to a four-year degree program. It is possible thanks to their board programs.

They are leaders in agricultural education, offering majors in:

    • agronomy
    • veterinary technology systems
    • animal science 
    • agricultural mechanics
    • agricultural education
    • agribusiness management systems 

The University of California, Berkeley

The year of the foundation of this institution is 1868. This school is located in Berkeley. An important fact in the history of this uni: it was the first campus in the University of California system. 

They offer more than 130 academic departments. More than 80 interdisciplinary research groups with nationally ranked business schools, computer engineering, and biological sciences programs are another asset.

UC Berkeley has approximately 32,000 students enrolled in a semester-based academic calendar. What should prospective students who want to study here note? California residents receive in-state tuition for much less than out-of-state applicants.

Student-based political action and debate are indispensable parts of this uni. It was the center of the free speech movement that began in 1964. It sparked opposition to segregation and the Vietnam War.

A reason to choose this uni in favor of other agricultural schools? UC Berkeley’s graduation rate is an impressive 91.9%, thanks in part to a 19:1 student-faculty ratio. One of the best? Undoubtedly.

Final Thoughts

The economy of most prominent and developing countries directly depends on agriculture. So qualified agricultural specialists are in demand all over the world. Getting a quality education at any of the educational institutions listed above is a great choice. It will give you the skills you need and allow you to work successfully in the agricultural industry.

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