5 Of 2022’s Biggest CBD Industry Trends

In the past decade, statewide legislation and innovations in the world of cannabis have turned CBD from something obscure into a formidable industry. However, any new company in the world of CBD still has to be cautious — it’s a new industry that’s a big tough to predict. 

Starting a company is never easy — especially in an industry where the main product is still looked down upon by so many. This article will walk you through a few CBD industry trends, so you can better understand your options when getting into the world of CBD. 

1. More Business Will Pop Up 

Anyone in the CBD industry should get ready for more competition in 2022, and any fan of CBD should get ready to have more options to choose from. Business people in relevant states are realizing what a great investment CBD is, and are getting into the industry as much as possible. 

Because of this, 2022 will see an increase in vape shops, dispensaries, and online CBD stores. Of these, expect to see the most dispensaries, as people tend to trust dispensaries and pharmacies more than other sorts of stores. 

The presence of more people in the world of CBD will lead to more competition. More competition means people need to become better in order to succeed. This will lead to innovation in the world of CBD.

2. The World of CBD Will Diversify

If you think there are a lot of options for CBD products out there right now, you’ve got another thing coming. With legalization slowly underway, and the market for CBD products growing exponentially it’s only a matter of time before CBD explodes into a variety of products, the same way that you can find alcohol and coffee-themed products everywhere. 

Don’t be surprised if you live in a major city and your local coffee shop starts offering CBD in their espresso drinks. While vape bars and hooka bars are popular currently, who’s to say that a standard bar won’t start selling CBD products?

And with CBD becoming popular for the whole family (particularly the elderly), what’s to stop CBD from working its way into popular bakery deserts? (Who knows, CBD might just end up in the next birthday cake you see). 

3. E-Commerce Will Become Streamlined

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet has become interwoven with “real life“. Any industry needs to get online if it wants to survive. This will become extra important to the CBD industry in 2022. 

On the other hand, CBD is in a difficult place in the world of e-commerce. Being a controlled substance that’s on its way to legalization (that still has a fair share of detractors) laws are different by state, and federal regulations can get tricky. Key to the world of e-commerce is shipping products across state lines, which instantly makes transporting CBD difficult. 

However, if CBD manufacturers are able to limit the amounts of CBD they ship at once and become adept at verifying medical marijuana cards, they might see the chances for e-commerce opening up in the future. 

(One should always keep in mind that disruptors are key to any industry. Who knows what sort of innovative idea might come along and revolutionize the world of CBD using a technology no one had considered for these purposes. Just look at the way Uber revolutionized the taxi industry using GPS technology. 

4. CBD Isolate Will Gain Popularity 

One of the biggest draws people had to CBD originally was that it was a more natural way to relieve pain and anxiety. However, CBD in its most natural form contains traces of CBD and minor cannabinoids, which can lead to a minor “high” experience. 

Certain people are averse to any sort of psychological effect and want to take CBD for a purely “traditional” medical purpose. These people wouldn’t mind their CBD becoming a little more “unnatural”, as long as it doesn’t contain all of the harmful chemicals that allopathic medicine often does. 

CBD isolate is perfect for these people. The pure CBD is stripped in powder form from the rest of the flower, leaving behind a residue that can only give you the advantages that CBD would — acting as a pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and anxiety-reducer. 

CBD isolate might not be quite as effective as more traditional forms of CBD, due to the entourage effect. However, CBD isolate is tasteless. This makes it far easier to cook into certain foods. 

CBD isolate is crucial to the CBD industry in 2022. Starting a CBD business? Then click on the previous link and get yourself stocked up on CBD isolate. 

5. The Industry Might Flow Smoother

As stated earlier, the Cannabis industry runs into problems due to legalization issues. 

Many people don’t quite understand why legalization issues are still such a problem, since so many people have embraced CBD. However, while many people out there have their medical marijuana cards, not all doctors are on board. Until a majority of doctors believe in medical marijuana, the CBD industry is going to have a tough time. 

However, advancements in research are making it harder and harder to deny the wonderful effects that CBD can have. 2022 might very well be the year that sees a study published that changes the whole game and gets most doctors on board with the CBD industry. You will need to know about charcoal hookah.

Understand Industry Trends For the World of CBD 

The CBD industry is one that’s rapidly growing. It still has some restrictions on it, however, so it’s important to make sure you understand industry trends before the business really takes off. 

Understand that more competition is about to get into the world of CBD, that the products are about to diversify, that e-commerce will become streamlined, that CBD isolate will gain popularity, and the industry will flow smoother as time goes on. 

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