Factors That Affect The Value Of A Diamond Ring

If you are considering selling your Argyle Diamond Rings, there are many factors that influence its resale value. Most of these factors are similar to those that affect second-hand cars:

First, consider the price that you paid for it. The retail price reflects beauties forever premiums as well as the overhead and profit that the vendor wants to make on each sale.

1. Carat Weight

Carat weight is one of the most important factors in a diamond’s value. It refers to the diamond’s actual weight, not its dimensions.

A large diamond sell diamond ring Sydney will have a greater value than a smaller one of the same carat weight. This is because larger diamonds look more impressive and are generally considered to be of higher quality.

However, many people make the mistake of prioritizing carat weight and ignoring the other 3 Cs. This can lead to them purchasing a diamond that isn’t as beautiful as they had hoped and may result in a lower resale value. Carat is also a very subjective element that can be misleading.

2. Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to the number and kinds of flaws in a stone, including both inclusions and surface blemishes. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare and command top prices. They have no internal flaws and only very minor surface blemishes. A professional diamond grader will examine the stone under 10x magnification to identify inclusions and assign a clarity grade.

However, the more inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the lower its clarity grade and value. This is why an eye-clean VS2 diamond will cost less than a Flawless diamond with the same size, color, and cut specifications. The difference in price can be thousands of dollars.

3. Cut

It’s important to remember that a diamond is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. In a sense, a diamond ring is just like any other object or commodity that can depreciate in value.

Jewellers add an astronomical markup to the wholesale price of diamonds they buy in order to cover their overhead, pay their bills and turn a profit. This astronomical markup significantly lowers the resale value of your diamond ring.

Pawnbrokers tend to buy and sell jewelry for below market value. They are ruthless in their quest to make a quick profit and some even steal jewelry.

4. Color

The color of a diamond is one of the most important attributes to consider when buying a new diamond ring. Diamonds with pure hues are the most desirable and expensive. However, diamonds that have two or more overtone colors can also be beautiful and still very affordable.

Diamond color is graded on a scale from D to Z. As you move down the scale the diamond gets a yellow tint.

Most people choose to buy diamonds with a D or F color. These are considered to be the best diamonds for value. However, stepping down to G or H may be a good choice for you.

5. Setting

The setting of a diamond can have a dramatic impact on its value. The way that a jeweler sets a stone will affect how light passes through it, and this can influence its sparkle.

It’s important to choose a setting that is safe and secure for the person who will wear it. If they have an active lifestyle, a high-set diamond may be more prone to getting caught on things or even falling out of the ring altogether.

Some settings can make a diamond look bigger, and this can also have an effect on its value. For example, an illusion setting can make a smaller diamond appear larger by drawing more attention to its facets.

6. Metals

A diamond’s value is based on its famous pawnshop loan carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. But the ring’s metal is also a factor, which affects its overall value.

For example, platinum is a more expensive metal than gold and has a silvery-gray look. It’s hypoallergenic and durable and often plated with rhodium, which protects against wear, tarnishing, and scratches.


On the other hand, gold is more common and has a yellowish tint to it. It’s typically mixed with other metals to make it stronger, and its purity is measured in karats. A high karat means a higher amount of pure gold. A white gold or other silvery setting can accentuate a colorless diamond.

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