Various types of safety boots popularly used

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that his or her workers are safe at their workplace. The main purpose behind this concern from the employers is to ensure that there is stable production in the company or institution. Workers’ feet are always involved regardless of the position of work.

This article gives a clear description of the various types of boots that are associated with various occupations.

Since successful and stable production is needed in every kind of institution, employers have taken the initiative to set aside a fund that is used to purchase the boots required to ensure safety among the workers. This is a result of the worker’s feet being vulnerable and ensuring that they continue working effectively and efficiently.

The boots discussed in this article are among the ones that are required to fulfill the safety purpose.

  1. Metatarsal boots

The metatarsals boots from the Metatarsals bones on the feet are meant to ensure that the upper feet, toes as well as bones are safe. They serve the purpose of protecting the parts of the feet both the external and internal parts. These boots are mostly used by those working at construction sites. Their feet are mostly at the edge of being damaged as they move the heavy stuff from one point to another.

  1. Steel insole boots

Driving for long hours comes with pushing the pedals for a long time too. This in turn leads to most of the leg muscles stretching beyond the normal stretching point. This can lead to great damage to the leg muscles of the driver. Boots with a steel insole have come to eliminate this great agony. It can stabilize the feet when pushing the pedals while driving.

  1. Electric hazard shoes

Electric hazard shoes are among the safety boots in Kenya that are most identified by electricians or those engaging with high voltage live wires. To reduce the level of damage that can occur when dealing with such wires, the boots are made of non-conductive materials to ensure no completion of the circuit. These boots have created a sense of security when working with live wires.

  1. Metal instep boots

Many cases of people having lifetime injuries as a result of encountering sharp items had increased until the invention of metal instep boots. These boots are recommended to any worker whether at the home, office, or any other workplace. It has a zero percent penetration rate to either broken glasses or other metal or sharp pieces. This has as well assured the worker’s safety and stable production in the institution.


This article has described the various types of boots used in different working places and they can be used for reference. It is appropriate and required for the workers to ensure their workers are working in safe conditions. The above work boots are the ones that can serve the purpose of ensuring that safety is fulfilled among the workers

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