Tips To Get Smart And Sustainable HDPE Pipe Installation Solutions For The Long Run

Gone are the days of using concrete and steel pipes that were full of complaints for rust, damage and the need to get frequently repaired. Today sanitary, gas and potable water supply pipes have reached an advanced level. One of the best introductions to this advancement is with the development of HDPE pipes range. These pipes are flexible, lightweight, and can take the form of any layout according to the area. This layout can be determined by certain factors for optimum and quality-driven pipe solutions. Here is all about it. 

What Are The Factors To Consider For HDPE Pipe Installation? 

Pipe installation is very convenient with HDPE pipes because they can go through every stage very smoothly. For that, here are the factors that need to be acknowledged:

Length of the pipe 

Manufacturing of HDPE pipes is a continuous trail. But there are some standard measurements of the length of the pipe to facilitate easy transportation. The ideal sizes available are 6, 10, 12, 15, 24, and 30 meters. However, companies like Topline Industries can create longer lengths based on the customer’s demand.  

Joints For Building The Layout 

Welding, mechanical fixtures, and HDPE joints itself are among the common tools used for joining HDPE pipes together. There are two types of welding methods used for binding. 

  • Butt Welding 

This is one of the easiest welding methods, which do not demand any additional fixtures and joints. In this, the HDPE pipeline is prefabricated and shaped to club with the next pipe. This is done through applying heat and pressure on the ends of the pipes to get aligned with each other.  

  • Electrofusion Welding  

This welding method involves heat for the prefabrication of the two pipes. This is an easy and reliable method that can permanently fix the pipes. 

HDPE pipes can accommodate numerous types of mechanical fixtures for durable and permanent joints. Commonly used fixtures are: 

  • Sleeve coupling 
  • Plug-in joint 
  • Screw-thread joint 
  • Snap joint 
  • Metal coupling 
  • Contraction sleeve 
  • Flanged joint 
  • Rubber collar joint 

Apart from mechanical fittings, there are numerous options for HDPE pipe fixtures as well. These are

  • Branches 
  • Elbows 
  • Bends 
  • Reducers 
  • Mechanical connection fittings 
  • Electrofusion couplers 
  • Sanitary fittings 
  • Traps 
  • Spare parts 
  • End caps 

Pressure Control For HDPE Pipes 

There are numerous variables to determine the pressure capacity of HDPE pipes. Those are 

  • Hydrostatic design stress formed of HDPE material for pipe manufacturing. The designs are (PE 80, PE 100, PE 63). 
  • The dimension between the wall thickness and the HDPE pipe diameter. This is known as Standard Dimension Ration or SDR.  
  • The minimum and maximum operating temperatures of the pipes and the joints.  
  • The variability of the stress and the time duration that can be taken by the internal hydrostatic pressure at the time of hydrostatic testing.  
  • The chemical resistance capacity of the pipeline. (This pressure rating varies with the pipe that carries water). 

The design and layout of the HDPE pipe also determine the life of the pipe. HDPE has the capacity to hold short-term hydrostatic pressure that is generally more than the pressure rating. However, it is always better to prepare the layout on the basis of long-term strength instead of short term at around 20°C for a life of as long as 50 years.  

The internal pressure of the HDPE pipe can be measured with Barlow’s Formula: 

 p = 2 x t x σ /d or alternatively t = p x d/(2.σ + p) 


  • p = internal pressure (MPa) 
  • t = minimum wall thickness (mm) 
  • d = mean outside diameter (mm) 
  • σ = circumferential hoop stress (MPa) 

The HDPE pipe materials also have a designer hoop provided by ISO 4427: 

  • PE 63: 5 MPa 
  • PE 80: 6.3 MPa 
  • PE100: 8 MPa 

Each of these factors varies with the different types of HDPE pipes for multiple requirements, duration, and layouts. If you are looking for professional suppliers for these pipes, then Topline Industries can serve you with the best features at the best price. Get top-quality of pipes that are sustainable, durable, resistant to chemicals and damage-free. Topline Industries can help you with the best quality HDPE pipes, their transport, and installation. Book easily from the online platform and get instant updates from time to time.  

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