Best Hindi Films to Watch on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a hub for so much fun and engaging Indian content, especially for viewers living outside of India. With its vast library of content filled with Hindi/Bollywood films, there is something for someone with a preference in every genre. 

Your search for the best Hindi film ends here. So, if you are someone who wishes to stream the best Hindi films on YouTube TV in Canada, the USA, as well as various other regions, check out the list mentioned below. 

  • Khoobsurat 

With its classic bubbly-girl-falls-for-the-cold-guy theme, there is a unique twist for the viewers to enjoy. Khoobsurat revolves around the story of a royal family, in which certain member requires a physiotherapist for their ailing health. 

They got linked with Milli, a cheerful, overly enthusiastic physiotherapist who is although good at her job her nature annoys the cold temperaments of the royal family members. She does her best to make things work as one thing leads to another, and she ends up falling for the young prince. 

As he is engaged to someone else, it puts her in a twist of emotions, ethics, and of course, her job in jeopardy. Will the two unite or will Milli be forced to go back to her old life? Watch Khoobsurat on YouTube TV to get to know how the story ends.

  • Hera Pheri 

Hera Pheri is among the classics of Bollywood which simply cannot be re-made in all its glory. The story revolves around three employed men who desperately seek ways to earn money in their quirky and ridiculous ways. 

Things seem to go usually for them till they receive a call from a kidnapper, leaving them confused and in a mess. With Akshay Kumar as well as other lead actors in the Bollywood industry giving their performance of a lifetime, watch this comedy film to have the best time reliving the peak of Hindi cinema.

  • Jab We Met

When Geet, a bubbly girl on a mission to run away from her life to marry her long-term boyfriend Anshuman, meets a depressed businessman, Aditya, things change for the worst for both of them. However, fate had different plans for both of them revolving around Aditya’s career and Geet’s love life. 

With the film showing how important it is to follow our hearts, it also shows the viewers the process of heartbreak, grief, letting go, and moving on. It is a wholesome watch for everyone, especially if you are a fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor. 

  • Kai Po Che

One of the best films of the late Sushant Singh Rajput, Kai Po Che contains some of the strongest performances of highly underrated actors in Hindi cinema. The plot contains the lives of three friends who struggle with their personal lives but work hard to create an academy for aspiring cricketers. 

However, their dreams hit rock bottom as they experience horrible turmoil in their country, including an earthquake, dangerous political situations, and unstable community conditions. 

With unfavorable conditions making things difficult for them to realize their dreams, life for the three friends go on as fate, and hope to find a way amidst uncertainty. 

  • Gully Boy

Rap is one of the popular music genres, especially in the current era. However, the privilege to rap, despite not having talent, is given to people who already have connections in the music and entertainment industry. 

When Murad, an aspiring rapper and car driver finds the chance to showcase his talent, he wastes no time in following his dreams. The film also explores his relationship with Safeena, who supports him in everything in life despite their relationship getting rocky in the middle. 

It is a brilliant watch with some very catchy music for Ranveer Singh fans to enjoy.

  • Dream Girl

When Karamveer secures a job at a shady call center due to his ability to talk in a woman’s voice, things initially settle for him financially as he earns well from the commission he makes. His fan following grows and he begins the most frequent caller at his workplace. 

However, his overzealous clients make things difficult for him as he tries to live a normal life. The clash between his personal and professional life almost threatens his relationship with his partner, and exposes some of his close relatives and acquaintances as his clients. 

It is an interesting watch for people who are looking for something unique and out-of-the-box in Hindi cinema with Ayushmann Khurrana doing justice to his character. 

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up, Hindi cinema is rich with movies for you to stream. And with YouTube TV at your disposal, you don’t have to go anywhere else to stream the movies. We hope that you enjoy watching movies from the list we have shared with you and have the best time spending your time leisure at home.

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