Where can I get marijuana seeds?

Purchasing marijuana seeds online might be difficult. You’ve probably seen stories on marijuana forums about individuals not receiving their seeds, receiving faulty seeds, or receiving an empty shipment.

There is, however, a solution to lower your risk. It is all about knowledge, as it is with so many other things.

Here are some pointers to help you successfully buy seeds and get something that will grow into a marijuana plant. I’ve also provided a list of reliable seed banks at the end for you to choose from. Continue reading to find out where to buy marijuana seeds and how to avoid being duped.

Concentrate on your source.

Online seed banks include a large assortment of high-quality marijuana seeds, but you should be wary of bogus seed banks. Finding a dependable source who can secure the delivery of your seeds to the United States might be tough at times.

You may be wondering,

  • Will they send out my seeds?
  • Will customs stop them?
  • Will they grow?
  • Is the plant truly from the type you requested?
  • Was its parent in decent shape?

After all, no one knows for sure. You must rely on personal experience, guidance, and trust. I’m not aware of other seed companies’ business models, but I can speak for my seed shop. Our customers have grown to trust us because we are so good at supplying authentic marijuana seeds with high sprout genetics. We promise it because we are that good.

However, it is not always possible to tell with other seed banks. At the very least, you should expect to see a configuration identical to that of any other webshop. You will be able to select your product, add it to your shopping basket, and pay for it. You may see a credit card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, or even cash in the mail as alternatives in terms of payment methods.

Some buy my weed online stores will email you a purchase confirmation; we do. Save that information together with your order number whenever you receive it. You’ll need that number if your order is intercepted by customs or encounters any unexpected issues. You’d think this would be obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many seed stores don’t provide order confirmation.

It May Take Some Time.

Are you concerned that customs will seize your marijuana seeds? You should probably take a deep breath because your seeds may take some time to arrive. We ship all items within two days of receiving payment in my store. When we ship your order, we will notify you that it has been shipped. We employ a special “stealth” packaging that keeps customs from discovering what’s inside, even if they open the package to investigate it.

There is no indication of marijuana inside or outside of the product.

In most cases, an order takes 7 to 10 days to arrive. Packages may go misplaced in some cases. If this happens, we will immediately send you a new package. You will always receive your order!

As you may be aware, marijuana seeds are illegal in several nations. For example, in the United States, any cargo containing seeds will be stopped by US Customs. Australia has tightened its restrictions on the entry of all organic compounds. Your cargo will almost certainly be sterilised in a heating oven set to 100 degrees Celsius. That’s the end of your chances of sprouting… We have a good track record of delivering our seeds. However, this is not true for every provider.

Keep your seeds in good condition.

It’s pretty uncommon for new growers to buy more seeds than they can afford at first. This is not a problem because cannabis seeds may be stored properly for a long time. You can save the seeds for the following growing season or after that.

How Should Cannabis Seeds Be Stored?

Marijuana seeds have a direct relationship with the quality of your plants. They may not germinate if they are not stored properly.

Marijuana seeds, like most plant seeds, stay the longest when stored in a cool, dry place in a tight container. Label and date them, so you don’t forget what you bought them for or when you bought them. If you wish to keep the seeds for an extended period, you can freeze them for two or more years. However, freezing them for a long period reduces the likelihood of germination, so keep that in mind. If you are concerned about whether or not they will germinate, you should generally avoid freezing them.

Select the best seeds.

Once you’ve gotten your seeds, you must choose the most likely ones to germinate. It’s not rocket science to figure out which seeds aren’t going to work. Green or white seeds, as well as very soft seeds, are probably too young to germinate. Seeds easily squashed with your fingers are unlikely to germinate properly.


To develop great marijuana, you must first identify the best genes. However, this is more involved than simply selecting and purchasing high-quality seeds. Even within the same strain, there is still a lot of variance from seed to seed. Much depends on the environment in which it is grown, as well as your attention to detail when raising your plants. Growing marijuana is inherently uncertain unless you already know the mature plants from which your seeds or clones were derived.

Once you’ve grown a plant you like, the only way to confirm your seeds originated from robust and healthy parents is to seed or clone it. This way, you can be certain.

The quality of the next crop When you select the best cannabis plants from a single strain, you gain a better understanding of the plant it came from and, as a result, may improve their care of the same sort of plant.

Where to Buy Reputable Seeds

Now that you know what to look for, here is a shop where you can buy marijuana seeds online that I recommend. These stores have proven to supply genuine marijuana seeds that germinate.

Supreme Seed

Seed Supreme selects and sells excellent breeders’ seeds from throughout the world. Seed Supreme is the most respected online seed store for branded generics. Ideal for individuals who appreciate high-quality seeds.

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