The Responsibilities Of Sales Leaders For 2023 and Beyond

In the ever-changing business world, nothing remains the same. Be it the buyer behavior, the work culture, the selling process, or the emerging new sales tools, new practices pop up here and there periodically. In the same way, the responsibilities of sales leaders also change every day to adapt to the modern business environment. Before a decade, sales management roles were confined to managing the sales team activities and reporting them to the business head.

Today, the sales scenario of any business is entirely different. The responsibilities of a sales manager range from creating a nurturing work culture to encouraging the use of technology based on their business needs. As a modern-day sales manager, you need to be enthusiastic and passionate about learning and adapting new ways of selling your product and driving your team toward your company’s mission.

Top Qualities Of A Sales Leader

  • Hire the right talents – Hiring and onboarding the right talents is the biggest challenge every business faces. Studies show that 80% of salespeople leave a company because they feel disconnected from their sales leaders. Also, it’s your duty as a sales manager to create a healthy work culture and make them stay with your company.
  • Growth mindset – This is one of the key qualities every sales manager should possess to push the team towards the business goals sustaining all the ups and downs.
  • Passionate & Inspiring – A passionate sales leader inspires and encourages his team as well. Sales reps may get stressed easily if they are unable to reach their quotas at the end of the month. A sales manager should help them rise from such situations.
  • Organized – A leader should plan and manage his and his team’s activities well. Being organized will save you from last-minute pressure and anxiety. If any unforeseen business situations arise, you should be able to handle them with positivity.
  • Creative & Decisive – Finally, finding new, innovative ideas and solutions to sell your products or services is your responsibility as well. By conducting brainstorming sessions, you can get the help of your team and make them feel involved too. Also, you should take a clear decision eventually and stand by it.

Key Responsibilities Of A Sales Manager For 2023 & Beyond

  1. Create an awesome sales culture

Today, no employee settles for less than an awesome, nurturing work environment. So, create a sales culture that every sales employee longs to work in. The moment they feel the team environment is unhealthy, they start looking for a better place. A team that is welcoming, makes the employees feel included, motivates, guides, trains, and empowers them is the successful one. This is going to be the most important responsibility for future sales managers.

  1. Employee motivation is the key

What are the ways you can motivate your sales employees?

  • Setting clear, realistic sales quotas and assisting them whenever possible.
  • Train them with new sales tools and techniques periodically.
  • Convey positive feedback and necessary changes in one-to-one meetings.
  • Rewards and recognition for their contributions.
  • Building trust and transparency among the team members.

Apart from these, you can also find new ways to improve your employee engagement. The roles of sales managers vary from time to time. Sometimes they need to be a boss, sometimes a trainer, a coach, and a co-worker too. One who aces all these roles will be a winning sales manager in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Encourage team collaboration

Aligning marketing and sales team efforts is the main aim of sales managers today. 45% of salespeople also think this is the most critical need, reports say. Effective inter and intra-team collaboration and communication are the needs of today. For example, if you are initiating a marketing campaign, your sales team also should know the targeting customer groups, and the % of inquiries you get as a result of it. Only then, the sales team understands the leads well right from the beginning and as they move through the sales pipeline.

  1. Focus on client retention

43% of sales leaders believe customer satisfaction is the best KPI for measuring sales performance. The responsibilities of a sales manager don’t end with closing a deal but extend beyond that. By creating healthy customer relationships and providing good after-sales support, your business will retain more happy customers. Also, it is evident that customer retention is much more cost-effective than new client acquisition.

So, in 2022, sales managers are more focused on upselling and cross-selling their products and services. For example, upgrading a current customer to a premium plan, or adding new services to their existing plan are effective ways you can increase your ROI.

  1. Establish a customized sales process

As a sales leader, you can create a customized sales process for your business based on your experience and knowledge. Choose the tools that save your time and energy by automating repetitive sales tasks. For example, the Lystloc app saves the lead data with updates of your follow-ups with a timeline, which you can view and manage at any point of time in the future. Hence, it is easy for you to just update the current status instead of entering all the data from the beginning. Also, there are many other sales enablement tools available from which you can choose the ones suitable for your business.


To sum up, leadership is not a position or a designation, it is the action and being an example. Hence, the responsibilities of a sales manager are not confined to managing the sales team and attaining the targets alone. They include creating a passionate team and leading them by example too. The roles of sales managers had a huge shift in the past 5 years, especially post covid. When every process goes online, it’s a challenging task for sales managers to be more interactive with the customers as well as the team. Finding new ways to overcome such challenges will make you the best sales leader in 2023 and beyond.

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