How to Put Crocs Charms (Jibbitz) On Crocs


The Jibbitz can be easily added to your Crocs through a straightforward technique. Grab your croc charms with one hand and a Jibbitz charm with the other. Position the Jibbitz so that the back of it is angled at a 45-degree angle to the hole in which you want to put it. Insert the Jibbitz charm into the hole, then spin it while firmly pressing down on the pleasure in the direction of the Crocs.

When I need to attach the Jibbitz charm to the Crocs, I find it helpful to prop them up against a hard surface, such as the ground, a table, or a counter. In addition, I put my hand inside the Crocs to offer some resistance all the way around the hole where I’m trying to fit the Jibbitz.

How to get rid of the Jibbitz charm?

If you want to get rid of the Jibbitz charm, you will need to do the same thing. I put my hand inside the croc charms and push up on the bottom of the Jibbitz charm while the croc charms rest on a firm surface. I use the other hand to grab the Jibbitz that is perched on top, and then I pull and twist it. The Jibbitz may be removed without much effort.

The following is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process of attaching Jibbitz charms to your Crocs:

  1. Select the Jibbitz charms you intend to wear on your Crocs and put them in a separate bag.
  2. While holding your croc charms in one hand, place your fingers inside the Crocs and directly under the hole you want to use.
  3. Grip the Jibbitz firmly in hand opposite your dominant hand.
  4. Align the black base of Jibbitz so it can be centered over one of the holes in croc charms.
  5. With a little bit of an angle (around 45 degrees), put the black component (bottom) of the Jibbitz that you have chosen firmly through the hole in the Crocs. You may also need to bend your Crocs to make it simpler to set them on the spots.
  6. When the Jibbitz is appropriately positioned, you will hear and feel a pop. This pop has its unique sound.
  7. Give it another shot if something doesn’t succeed the first time you try it. Continue to push while offering the Jibbitz back sufficient resistance from underneath so it can pass through the hole in the Crocs.

How to Put on Croc Charms

Crocs have emerged as a highly sought-after style of footwear. The option to customize Crocs with various charms has contributed to the continued growth of this craze. These little trinkets are known as jibbitz. Jibbitz can be found at many shoe stores and other retail establishments, and they are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Jibbitz is also relatively easy to find.

How-to Put-on Croc Charms

  1. Choose your lucky charms. Croc charms can be purchased in various designs, including those featuring Disney characters and NFL team logos.
  2. Use one hand to hold the crocodile while the other keeps the charm.
  3. Use your whole force to force the charm’s black portion through the crocodile hole. You could need to flex the Croc a little bit to make it simpler to activate the joy.
  4. While extending the shoe to remove the charm, carefully remove the pleasure from the Croc by pulling it backwards out of the shoe.

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