5 ways Mobile Apps help us make the most of life…


Mobile Apps or Mobile Applications have revolutionized the process of retail shopping. The need to visit a physical store is now almost only for items that need to be fitted on or touched and felt before purchasing.

From a mobile phone to bananas, from swimsuits to fridges from watches to t-shirts, mobile apps make everything possible. One of the biggest reasons for this is the convenience that mobile apps offer users. Your location is no longer an issue. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can do your shopping from pretty much anywhere on earth.

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Mobile app retailers can also highlight and showcase their products and services more efficiently using a mobile app. Sellers can share high quality images, details, specifications, options and many more all in one frame.

Buyers can browse by various factors including price, location and delivery charges to name a few. Shopping on a mobile app is really easy. First you will need to download an app to use for shopping. This can be an aggregator app such as Amazon or an exclusive app like the Walmart App. 


Transport Mobile Applications have revolutionized the way we move around and commute. No more hailing from the road. Just download a transport app such as Uber and input your current location, destination and you are good to go!

You can find out the driver’s name, vehicle number, his vaccination status and his progress in arriving to pick you up.Mobile transport apps make travelling a simple task and you can book your taxi at whatever moment suits you. This is the beauty of mobile apps, the pure convenience they offer commuters.

There are even ride-sharing apps that help save the environment by pooling together two or more commuters that are headed to the same destination.  


Netflix and chill anyone? Long gone are the days of watching your favourite programs on TV. Now using mobile apps such as Netflix the world is your oyster and you can watch whatever you like at your convenience. Late night romance, mid day drama, the choice is endless with the flexibility and convenience of entertainment related mobile applications.


WhatsApp has billions of users and is one of the most popular communication mobile apps in the world. Everyday apps such as WhatsApp are used by billions of users that rely on such technologies to keep in touch. Beyond simple casual conversations, users of  communication mobile apps  can also promote their business and complete valuable sales that in turn drive the economy.

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Hungry? You no longer need to wait hours to order and receive some food. Now with the convenience of food based mobile applications it is possible to order and eat in a matter of minutes. One recent example of this is the food app Zomato that promises its Indian users food delivery within just ten minutes!

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In addition to boosting the fortunes of restaurants, cafes and hotels, mobile food apps have also helped empower the lives of everyday delivery riders that now have a dedicated source of income that helps not only them but their families and dependents to survive and thrive.

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