What Is Online Leak Sealing And What Is Its Importance?

The maintenance of assets is a major responsibility for the owners of the pipelines that are used extensively in the oil and gas industry. Due to corrosion, outside influences, the age of the asset, and numerous other factors, pipelines are vulnerable to leaks and faults. Customers must fix these leaks as soon as possible to keep the asset’s functionality as uninterrupted as possible. In these situations, online leak sealing services that have been successfully used in the nuclear, petrochemical, power generation, oil and gas, and gas distribution industries. In this blog, we talk about the service and the advantages of using it for your projects.

How is online leak seal performed in pipelines?

First of all you need to find the leak’s source. Then expert technical staff will come to the location to measure the field and assess the leak. After that, in compliance with ASME SEC VIII Div.1 and using the field dimensions as a guide, the Engineering and Design team will create a clamp or enclosure to seal the defect area. The clamp/enclosure is installed at the project site in accordance with industry standards. The last step is to inject a suitable sealant into the clamp to seal the leak.

Benefits of online leak seal

Since online leak sealing is a practical repair option, it provides many advantages to a range of industries. Here are some important ones: 

Repairs leaks in no time

In order to prevent expensive shutdowns or unplanned maintenance downtime, online leak sealing is the ideal solution for sealing leaks while they are under constant pressure. As a result, the client can save a ton of money. 

Reduces oil spills

Another concern is the potential for oil and hazardous material spills to affect the environment and create legal problems. Online leak sealing can be a quick fix for leaks, minimizing the likelihood of oil spills while maintaining environmental compliance. 

Mitigates the risk of hazard

The pipelines might carry gas and oil, both of which can be dangerous when exposed to the outside world. Online leak sealing can be used in these situations to keep the transmission medium hidden. It can remove the possibility of dangers and shield pipelines from biohazards or explosions. 

Extend the service of pipelines

Online leak sealing extends the service life of pipelines and is a dependable, proactive maintenance solution. This kind of sealing is very dependable and doesn’t require component replacement over extended periods of time. 

Maintains pipeline integrity

It can be carried out without endangering the pipeline’s material integrity. It guarantees that sealing is maintained and its integrity is safeguarded. 


One of the most affordable ways to fix weld joints, tees, couplings, flanges, elbows, expansion joints, pipes, and valves is through online leak sealing. Online leak sealing is the best way for clients to fix pipeline system flaws and guarantee an asset’s long lifespan without having to replace the pipeline. This is because pipeline replacement will be an expensive affair. 

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