Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund

The investment fund is one of the Golden Visa options in Portugal. Since 2017, this option has admitted investors from all around the world. Like other Golden Visa options, the Portugal Golden Visa fund enables residency in Portugal. 

In this guide, you can find more details about the investment fund option. Let’s start with brief information about Portugal Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa 

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe that provides a Golden Visa for qualified applicants. It enables you to get residency in Europe after you make an investment in the country. Applicants must be from countries outside of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. You must also have a clean criminal record. 

Since 2012, the program has brought EU residency to more than 10,000 applicants. As a result of this, over €6 billion has entered the country as a foreign direct investment.

Investment Fund Portugal: Details

Golden Visa Portugal investment fund entails a minimum investment amount of €500,000. You can make this investment in venture capital funds or units of investment funds. After investing, you submit the necessary documents and then get approved. Family members can benefit from the advantages of the program with you.

Let’s find other requirements for eligibility for the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund:

  • You need to be a national outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU) countries. Also, Swiss citizens can’t apply
  • You need to hold a clean criminal record
  • Proving the source of your funds is a must, and
  • You need to prove that you have funds enough for this investment type.

Advantages of Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Fund

Portuguese Golden Visa investment fund comes with benefits such as low investment requirements, low taxes, and capacity for yields.

  • Affordability: The minimum required amount of €500,000 is affordable when you compare it with other options. For instance, the capital transfer option requires €1.5 million
  • Safety: It’s a secure option to choose the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund. Certain institutions in Portugal regulate your funds. These institutions include the Bank of Portugal, CMVM (The Portuguese Securities Market Commission), and tax authorities. An external fund management company also regulates your funds. In this way, you’ll be ensured that it complies with the legislation and laws in Portugal
  • Low taxes: You’ll pay lower fees and taxes when you choose an investment fund Portugal. You also don’t need to pay withholding tax incurred from the fund’s income. For instance, if you choose to invest in real estate, you’d pay six percent of IMI transfer tax, 0.8 percent of stamp duty, and annual municipal taxes. In addition, a fixed 28 percent of taxation applies to all real estate rental income 
  • Potential annual yields: High capital appreciation and annual yields are other benefits provided by the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund 
  • Fund managers: Choosing the investment fund option means that fund managers control the management process of your funds. In this way, you don’t tire yourself much in managing your funds. 

How To Apply For Investment Fund Portugal

Find the steps related to the investment fund option of your Golden Visa:

  • Decide on an investment fund option suitable for you
  • Then, appoint a law firm
  • Get your tax identification number in Portugal (NIF), then open a bank account
  • Collect, sign and complete all the necessary documents related to your fund subscription
  • At this step, your fund manager will evaluate and approve you
  • Then, send the required fund amount from your bank account to the fund account
  • You’ll now provide all of your Golden Visa documentation to the law firm, and you’ll pay the SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) application fee
  • When your biometrics appointment is determined, you’ll go to Portugal for this. Family members also need to be present with you, if you include them as well
  • Your residence permit will be issued by SEF. It’ll be initially valid for two years. You’ll renew it every two years. 

In short, investment fund Portugal is an advantageous option provided by Portugal Golden Visa. You’ll get benefits besides residency as well. It’s easy to apply online from wherever you are now.


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