How Does 20 Bet? A Quick Review of an Efficient Sportsbook

Just like all other casinos, 20Bet has its own version of the Online Casinos Best Top Moneymakers list. Unlike most casinos though, 20Bet does not use the exact same criteria to come up with its list. Casinos usually tend to post their RTP graph on their online websites but in this instance, 20Bet has not posted any RTP for its online slot games. But that does not mean that their RTPs for its online slots are lacking.

The online casino gives high RTPs to certain games including Blackjack, Video Poker and Craps. These are the slots that people usually refer to as “low odds slots”. You can win money from them even if you have a low hand, but you can lose just as much since you are more likely to hit a jackpot. That is why it is important to choose your slot games wisely. If you are planning to play at a netent in your favorite casino, then you should be aware of the advantages that these slots offer.

Depositing money offers available

First of all, 20Bet casino games offers a VIP program which allows players to get special benefits for depositing money into their online casino account. VIP bonuses are actually rebates which are given to players every time they play in their website. The player gets double the amount deposited as cash. And because they play in “the big leagues”, you can get double the amount of free spins which are also given as bonuses.

Secure Transactions

Secondly, there is a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption feature included in all transactions that takes place in the website of this online casino. This feature is provided by the 20Bet team in order to protect the casino’s clients from hackers and other security risks. A SSL certificate not only ensures the safety of your personal information but also ensures the safety of the personal information of your players data. A lot of credit card companies and other financial institutions now make use of the SSL encryption facility in order to ensure the privacy and safety of your players data.

Wide Range Payment Methods Available

Thirdly, 20Bet has a complete range of payment methods including credit cards, e-checks, Paypal accounts, and Payza. In addition, you will find several voucher codes that can be used to get discounts and free spins. However, the players need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the usage of these payment methods in the casino. Also, players who are registered members of the ecopayz site will be automatically eligible for the discount vouchers.


Fourthly, the eCoupon code feature is another innovation of the 20Bet website. This feature is used in order to give customers special benefits which cannot be found in any other online casino. For instance, an eCoupon can be used for registering for a number of bonuses such as free spins with the jitters, free chips or even for registering for the VIP program. So, if you really want to enjoy a complete VIP experience, it is recommended that you try out the VIP program offered by the eCoupons.

Big amount discount

Fifthly, the sportsbooks also offer several free promotions and offers to their customers through the Ecopayz portal. For instance, one of the most popular promotions is the 50% off the whole amount of the bets. Another exciting promotion offered by the online casino is the special limited time offer. For instance, if you place a bet on the favourite team, the results of the game will show the result as soon as the results of the all matches, including the final match, are announced. The same concept is applied in the context of the free bets.


Finally, the customer service provided by the website is another factor that makes the online betting site more trustworthy and reliable than other sites. You need not get stressed out dealing with a customer service representative, because at the end of the day, it is you who is responsible for your deposits and transactions. Hence, you need to ensure that the representatives of the site are helpful and polite, as they can act as your valuable communication partners. In addition to this, the facility of paying via credit card is another major advantage offered by the 20 Bet Company. Indeed, it is important to consider the advantages provided by the site before taking a final decision.

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