Disputing a DBS check

While it may be rare, but errors or mistakes do creep into DBS checks like other official documents. In such a situation knowing how to rectify them is essential, the earlier the better to fix them.

Since there are hundreds of thousands of DBS checks carried out across the UK annually, the sheer number of these can be justified for mistakes or inaccuracies to appear on occasion. In such cases there are ways of checking and remedying the results with the DBS service.

We look at the various kind of disputes that generally occur and how to go about getting them corrected if you do have any such error on your DBS certificate.

Kinds of disputes for DBS checks  

A dispute situation arises when the information provided in the DBS report is inaccurate.  It could because of errors made while entering the data or system generated. In either case, filing a dispute without delay is recommended so that the data does not have an adverse effect on the employment process.

DBS checks disputes are of two types. These can be related to the profile or to the disclosure. We examine the difference between the two disputes so as to decided that kind of dispute that needs to be raised.

Profile Dispute: This happens if the personal info on the certificate is inaccurate and includes the following fields such as:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Place of Birth
  • Address
  • Employers Details
  • Registered Body or County Signatory Details

Section A of certificate dispute form needs to completed and submitted to the DBS service within 90 days of the certificate getting issued.

Disclosure Dispute: the other kind of dispute is related to the disclosure. A disclosure dispute can be generated if there is inaccurate information related to any kind of conviction on the certificate. The method of raising a dispute is similar by submitting a form to the DBS Service for them to investigate.

Disclosure disputes can be generated if there are conviction details of another individual showing up on the DBS certificate. This would result in the employer being incorrectly informed that their applicant has a conviction for an offence, which would not actually be the case and could negatively impact the employment status.

In another scenario, a disclosure dispute may be raised if a conviction that is on the certificate should rightfully appear, but includes some incorrect details and do not show the full truth of the matter.

Another example would be in the case of Enhanced DBS checks in which the police have to provide the necessary information about the conviction for the DBS certificate. However, the information provided is incorrect or contains inaccuracies regarding the conviction. This can become a basis for disputing the DBS check.

DBS Appeal Process

When an individual needs to apply for a DBS appeal process, it needs to be done within 90 days of the issuing of the certificate. When appealing the applicant has to specify which areas of information are disputed at the time of appealing the process.

In cases where the information provided by the police is disputed and incorrect, the DBS Service will establish contact with the concerned police department to seek clarification about the information they provided for the certificate. If it is determined that the information provided was inaccurate, changes will be made to the certificate and it will be re-issued.

For any DBS certificate’s information that is disputed and proves to be successful there will be another certificate issued by the DBS service to the affected applicant at no charge. In case where the appeal resolution appears challenging, there may be need to opt for an independent monitor to help to resolve the issue successfully.

Independent Monitor

The services of an independent monitor are needed if a dispute is proving to be particularly challenging to resolve. However, this can only occur in two instances such as:

The information should not be present on the certificate.

The applicant believes that the information provided is not relevant to the post applied for.

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