Consumer Rights Protection

Consumers enjoy the protection in UAE whenever they are buying goods and services from anywhere inside the country. To curb consumer exploitation, amendments were brought to the law to facilitate the consumers as much as possible. Therefore buying behavior is quite different than less developed countries. The government of UAE has taken a keen interest in the matter and has introduced laws favorable to consumers. They have instructed the supplier to adhere to the laws in the country. Consumers have right to open the complaint in Dubai Economical Department, and they are also entertained over there. Furthermore, there are penalties and punishments for offenders who are involved in fraudulent commercial activities. The UAE National Advocates in Dubai or even the Legal Consultants in Dubai can also be hired to grab the details. However, let us begin discussing here:

  • Under the law, the suppliers involved in the E-commerce Business need to provide the customer and authorities with all the details including licensing entity, information in Arabic about the service or product specifications, terms and conditions, payment, warranty, and other relevant information.
  • Under the law, it is prohibited to add conditions that harm the consumer in any way.  It also makes it null and void. If there is any clause or term added that exempts the supplier from its obligations, it is written off immediately.
  • All of the laws and regulations are placed to combat commercial fraudulent activities in the country. The punishments and penalties are placed for the welfare of the consumer. They are protected against any type of misleading claims, fraud, and any other activity.
  • A supplier who fails to replace or repair the damaged goods or service will face a charge and imprisonment. Furthermore, those suppliers who fail to provide accurate information to the consumer or haven’t been able to provide or serve properly are also a criminal offense. 
  • Besides, advertising or promoting false information about the service or goods could leave charges and sentences. All mentioned offenses can lead to imprisonment of up to 2 years and a heavy fine of not exceeding AED 2 million.
  • There is a consumer protection department within the Ministry of Economy. They are responsible for the supervision and execution of the general policy for the consumers. It is done in cooperation with the relevant authorities.  Their objective is to confront unfair commercial practices anywhere around the market. This minimizes the harm to the consumers for any misleading activities of the supplier.
  • In addition, they are also engaged in spreading awareness about the consumption of the product or service. They will take up the responsibility to inform and educate the consumers about their rights, and obligations. Furthermore, it also informs them about claims they can make.
  • They also control price fluctuations and also strive to maintain a balance to restrict an increase in the price level. They provide an equal playing field for all businesses to have fair and balanced competition.  The authority also seeks actions to combat the monopoly of a single supplier.
  • On a regular basis, the authority receives complaints from consumers. They have to resolve consumer complaints promptly.  They will also refer them to the competent authorities if needed. They also post the discussion and publications in various ways to create awareness among the consumers about their rights and obligations.
  • Recently they have also called for a section where you can claim for the damaged product. It is done to maintain stability in the market space. It is aimed at providing cover not only to consumers but also to retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, producers, and other stakeholders.

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