5 Must-Have Skills To Become A Customer Service Agent

There are a lot of job hunters in this generation; we have to strive and strive to survive in this world. One of the in-demand jobs these days is the Customer Service Agent. Customer Service Agents are the ones we usually talk to if we have concerns or problems we want to raise in a company. Suppose you’re looking for a job; you might want to consider applying for a customer service spot! It pays you enough to pay off your daily expenses. If you’re wondering if you’re qualified for this job, keep reading to find out the common skills a customer service agent must have!

  1. Be an active listener

Customers want someone who will listen eagerly to their complaints and follow every word they say. This particular skill is essential for every customer service agent because you’ll be dealing with many people daily to solve their problems with your product or your company’s service. Pay attention, and don’t cut them off in the middle of talking because it is rude and will cause an argument. Customer satisfaction is what you need to achieve, so aim for it!

  1. Problem-solving skills

Your job as a Customer Service Agent is to solve the customer’s problem within your company’s product or service. In times like this, you need to be quick once they serve you with the complaint, be gentle and friendly in explaining how to resolve the problem, and understand them. Do not use any triggering words that might cause an argument. Offer them a solution directly because it is the reason why they called you.

  1. Have some empathy

Show interest and emotion when talking to your customer. They love it when they feel someone is listening to them because what if the product or service made their day horrible? You must try and calm them down. Do not be rude to your customer instead, be gentle and offer them a solution in a proper way. Showing empathy will make the customer happy and trust your company if they talk to someone like you. You’re working, and it’s your job to make the customer happy!

  1. Show your enthusiasm.

Be joyful when talking to the customer and avoid sighing or putting on an attitude voice; this way, you can speak to them without breaking any argument. Remember, if you talk to your customer in a joyful tone, you’ll make them less angry because they will feel that you are someone who will provide them with a solution they want. “Good day, Ma’am/Sir, how can I help you?” or “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, let me arrange the problem” will help them calm down because they trust you to solve the problem.

  1. Remember not to use killer words.

Research the words that the customer finds triggering and remember them. These killer words will only break an argument instead of solving the problem. It will piss the customers off, making them stop trusting your company. These words like “Calm down,” “Can I be honest with you?” and “No problem” are some of the examples of killer words; never use this term to any of your customers to avoid conflict!


If you’re planning to be customer service, remember these skills and if you have them already, make sure to highlight them on your resume! There are a lot of resume examples online you can look up to in writing your resume to guide you and make sure to get accepted into the company! You will face many challenges in becoming a customer service agent because you’ll never know what attitude your customer will pull off; remember that you’re doing this job to have experience and pay off your daily expenses! Strive and strive until you succeed.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9n_ddbJbQA


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