4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow your Dermatology Practice

Heavy makeup is out, and skincare is in. 2024 is the year of green smoothies, collagen supplements, and elaborate skincare routines – and this means that dermatology practices are seeing a rise in customers. Of course, this also means that competition in the dermatology industry is also experiencing an upward trend – and the only way to come out on top is by turning to the world of digital marketing. From SEO to paid ads to email marketing, the digital marketing world is vast, and how you pick and choose plays a big part in determining how your practice grows. 

Here’s how you can embrace digital marketing strategies to grow your dermatology practice: 

  • Get Listed on Google My Business

In times of need, people often turn to the internet. And having your business show up in the search results will draw tons of attention to it. It’s simple, once your dermatology practice is listed on Google My Business, anyone searching for a dermatology clinic in the area you practice in will be able to see your clinic pop up, whether it’s on Google search results or Google Maps. 

So, how exactly do you get listed on Google My Business? The first step is to create a Business Profile on Google. You can do this for free by going to the Google Business Profile page. Click on the ‘Manage Now’ button, and you’ll be taken step-by-step as you set up your profile. Here you can input your business name, choose the industry you operate in, and set up other details such as location preferences and your address and contact info. You can also highlight your top services and manage reviews as they flow in. With your profile set, you’ll soon see multiple leads come in. 

  • Embrace the World Wide Web

These days, everything happens on the internet. And having your own website is imperative if you’re looking to gain more clients and grow your practice. Developing a user-friendly website – and then implementing local SEO on it – is a surefire way to guarantee customers flowing through your practice. Simply start by choosing a free website design tool – as a beginner, you can opt for an easy-to-use one such as WordPress or Wix – and decide how you want to structure your website. Here, you should think about color themes, layouts, images, and much more. 

Once you have your website up and running, it’s important to make your content SEO-friendly. Not only will this help bring the right traffic to your page, but it will also help your website appear higher in search ranks. 

  • Don’t Neglect Social Media

Speaking of the internet, there’s another aspect of it that’s just as important to any growing business – social media, of course. While there are multiple social media platforms to choose from, Instagram is a good place to start. As a first step, you need to set up a profile page for your dermatology practice. Choose a username that represents your business and a profile picture that correlates. Your bio should also include important details such as your address, contact information, and any areas that you specialize in. 

With your profile set up, the next area to look at is the content. For your design needs, you can turn to PosterMyWall’s health templates and customize your social media content to your liking. Simply select a template, edit it to match your requirements, and fill up your feed. And since the PosterMyWall platform is beginner-friendly, you can easily save some bucks and design your content yourself. Some content areas that you can cover include skincare tips, client testimonials, and dermatology do’s and don’ts. Another way to grow your dermatology practice via Instagram is by holding live sessions where you can interact with your audience and answer any questions and queries that they may have. 

  • Run an Active Email Marketing Campaign

The large majority of people check their email daily, and it’s often the products and services they’re introduced to that end up becoming a part of their lives. For a dermatology practice, running targeted email marketing campaigns to nurture leads is a win-win. Start with the strategy – decide on a topic for your email campaign, structure how you’re going to arrange it in terms of the number of emails and the content division, and then get to designing. 

When thinking about the actual execution of your email campaign, the first thing to think about is the subject line. Not only is it the first thing that your recipients will see, but it will also determine whether your email is opened or lands in the trash tab. Some good tips include adding the recipient’s name to the subject line or mentioning a limited-time offer. As for the body of the email, make sure to use SEO, add images, and include a CTA to push conversion. 

So, if you’re looking to grow your dermatology practice with digital marketing strategies, then these tips and tricks are your go to. Just make sure to make changes according to your practice and you’ll be good to go! 

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