How Soon Will I Get My Accident Settlement Check?

Nobody wishes to be an accident victim. But when it happens, a fair allowance will help you, especially if someone else is at fault. You can get a fair settlement by filing a personal injury claim against the defaulter.

Yet, no one can tell when the settlement fund will arrive. Since no one is sure when personal injury claims will push through, how long do you have to wait on average? How likely are you to get your settlement claims?

In this article, you will learn more about settlement checks and what causes their delay. From the information here, you should make better decisions when it concerns the settlement check.

Let’s start by clearing you up the most important things:

What Is an Accident Settlement Check?

An accident settlement check is the total money one receives from an insurer after an accident. But, you must know that the client doesn’t get the check. They don’t get all the money stated in the check either.

The insurer pays the settlement check to the client’s lawyers. The lawyer deducts their legal fees, medical bills, and other expenses. What the lawyer pays to the client is a balance check. That is, the remaining fund after deducting all expenses. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait for My Accident Settlement Check?

There’s no general timeframe to receive a settlement check. How soon you will get your accident check depends on the severity of the injury. Sometimes, it also depends on the type of accident.

Getting a settlement check may take around four to six weeks if you have a minor injury case. This is after the plaintiff signs the release, and the insurer agrees to pay. Yet, it may be different in some situations. If your case is neither minor or severe, it may take three to six months to solve. On the other hand, severe injury cases may take years to solve.

The time varies because how severe the injury is determines the settlement. So the more severe the injuries, the more investigations insurers conduct so they pay less.

The type of accident also matters. For example, a car accident settlement differs from a personal injury case. Some accidents may cause the loss of lives or property damage, demanding higher settlements. This delays the accident claim process. 

If investigation delays settlement, it would help if you looked for another option to deal with the debts. A car accident loan, for example, would be of great help before the insurers process the claims.

4 Factors That May Delay Your Accident Settlement Check And Their Solutions

It is one thing to know you deserve to receive compensation as an accident victim. Getting the settlement is another. You need to verify the process and clear them before insurers consider you for the accident check. Yet, some factors you may not be aware of can cause further delays. So what factors may delay you from getting the accident settlement check?

1. How Large Is the Settlement Amount?

The smaller the amount is, the easier it is for insurers to pay. Because of medical bills and other costs, some settlements run into hundreds of thousands. The insurer will try as much as possible to evade paying a high amount. In their defense, some may conduct further investigations to either lessen the burden to the least or avoid paying. 

To beat insurers in their game, it would help to discuss with your lawyer. An MVP personal injury firm help an accident victim receive maximum compensation for the injuries and other damages. Talking with a lawyer helps to ensure you finish the process and hasten the release of funds. To help you confirm the claims you file, you may also want to get your doctor to testify.

2. What Is the Settlement Release Process of the Insurance Company?

Sometimes, agreeing with the other accident party may not be the challenge. The insurance company determines if you will get the money in bits or as a whole.

Most insurers send the settlement check as a whole to your lawyer after processing the claim. The lawyer then transfers the money to an account where they can deduct bills without issues. For a few insurers, they may release funds in parts, sometimes only as your bills come in. 

Understanding how the insurance company operates will save you a lot. You will also have the chance to create another solution pending when the settlement comes in.

3. Tedious Claim Process

The delay with settlement checks often comes from the claims process. Insurers may start to demand unnecessary documents or details. Their tactics may delay you from getting the check. Sometimes, the process, demands, and going back and forth can discourage you. 

To help prevent delaying the settlement check, know how to fill out the forms you need for the settlement. Avoid mixing up information at any point. Compile all the documents, bills, and reports you need or feel may be necessary. This includes the official police report. If the accident happens in OH, you can search for the Ohio accident report online. All you need is the car’s VIN and the incident’s date and location. Additionally, you should follow up with the insurers

Even with everything in place, the insurers might still want to cause unnecessary delays. Thus, it would be best if you have an experienced lawyer handling this in your stead.

4. Who Is At Fault?

Everyone must agree about the defaulter so their insurer starts the settlement process. As long as both parties do not agree, the insurers will not pay or may offer low settlements to the defendant. 

In trying to determine who is at fault, it would help if you inform a personal injury lawyer. The lawyers will help investigate and judge the situation. That way, they will be able to agree to a settlement check that favors your condition better.

You will need a doctor to verify the health situation you are/were in due to the accident as well. They will also be able to provide a legit estimate of your medical expenses to improve your settlement check.

Final Thoughts

A settlement check no matter how long it takes is worth the wait. Since it will save you money and stop you from debt, you should file for the claims.

You will be helping yourself if you never put your entire focus on getting the settlement check. Instead, focus more on improving your health and getting an experienced lawyer. A good accident lawyer will handle all you need them to and help you fight your case to finish.

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