Hair system wrinkles: Why they occur and how to fix them

Have you ever felt like you put in so much effort to attach your toupee hair system only to come across unwanted wrinkles along the edge of your bonding area? It can be so frustrating, we know. But don’t let it discourage you. Whether you’re a new hair system owner or an experienced hairpiece wearer, wrinkles forming around the edges of your hair system never fail to disappoint and can happen to anyone.

That said, wrinkles are usually easy to fix and prevent. Continue reading as we will discuss the causes of hair system wrinkles so you can go on and get the full experience of wearing the best wrinkle-free hairpiece.

Poly Perimeter 

There are many great hair pieces for men with a poly perimeter – they’re easy to clean, they’re durable, and for the most part, they provide a natural-looking hair system when combined with the right material. However, a thin skin perimeter can often cause unwanted wrinkles. Poly perimeters are firm and stiff, making it challenging to wrap around the head, and forming wrinkles is inevitable. Moreover, it can cause more of a gap than a wrinkle which allows sweat and oil to flow freely in between the space created by the hair system and the scalp. This is not ideal as it will lower the lifespan of the hairpiece. 

Unfortunately, the only solution to this is to avoid poly perimeters. Instead, look to wear a full lace system or a monofilament system combined with lace.

The size 

If your hairpiece is not the correct size and is either too small or too big, you will certainly experience wrinkles and unwanted gaps making your hairpiece wearing experience uncomfortable. When you purchase your next toupee hair system, ensure that the circumference of your head matches the bonding area of your unit. 

If you notice that the measurements are incorrect, you can always return to the store you purchased your hairpiece from and inquire about resizing the hair system base to your liking. 

Excess stretching

If you opt for a lace base hairpiece, ensure you don’t overly stretch the material as it can cause wrinkles around the perimeter of your toupee. Individuals tend to purchase a smaller hair system because they believe that it could fit better, but that’s not the case. A base being too small will cause additional strain to the perimeter when stretched. 

On the other hand, it can unintentionally get overly stretched when attaching the unit to the head – this might not seem like an issue, but over time the circumference of the base will become too big creating that unwanted gap that we previously mentioned. 

One last important tip – when you’re using adhesive or hairpiece tape, ensure that the tape isn’t overly stretched either. You can still bend the tape to the curvature of your liking, but excess stretch to the tape will cause shrinkage to the back causing wrinkles to appear. 

Remedies to eliminate wrinkles from a perfectly fitting hairpiece 

It’s challenging to attach a toupee hair system right the first time. The time between placing down the hair system to the bonding area is approximately just one minute. If you don’t act quick enough, the adhesive will dry and stick immediately making it difficult to readjust the hairpiece.  

Consider Just Rite positioning spray as a time machine in a bottle. It will be easy to prevent any mistakes as the positioning spray offers leniency. You will have a longer period of time to readjust during the attachment process. 

If you find a wrinkle during the attachment process, use a fine-toothed comb or your fingernail to carefully lift the edge of the hairpiece and proceed to spray Just Rite. After a few seconds, you will then be able to lift the hair system a little more to release the wrinkle. The next step is to use both hands to flatten and press down on the previous wrinkled spot. Positioning spray works best to fix wrinkles around the perimeter of the unit. However, you might have to restart the process if you have a larger wrinkle. We wish you luck in fighting off the wrinkles! 


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